15 Stunning Photos from the Flight of a Lifetime above Lake Tekapo

To really appreciate the sheer size and scale of New Zealand’s highest mountains, major glaciers and icefields, you really have to see it from above. Flying over 200 kilometers of breathtaking alpine scenery in Lake Tekapo is a must-do attraction in New Zealand. Truth to be told, if you were going to pick one place in New Zealand to do a scenic flight then this award-winning “Grand Traverse” flight by Air Safaris be a top priority on your list.

Not only that, one of reviews on TripAdvisor mentioned that it utterly wiped out the scenic flights over the Grand Canyon, Mount Everett, and Great Barrier Reef. One of main reasons is that their aircraft has a window seat for every passenger and wings-above for optimum viewing below. I was like, “Whoah! No way!” When I found out.

The best thing about this is that you get a close-up view of the summit of Mount Cook with out having to take a multi-day hiking trip to the summit! It was truly a unbelievable sightseeing of the turquoise glacial lakes, valleys of Mackenzie Basin to the alpines, icefalls of the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, and, of course, Mount Cook. Not to mention a complete view of the Tasman Glacier, which was totally awesome to see!

Besides, I cannot tell you how fortunate I am to get this scenic flight on a complimentary basis!

Even though I’m not religious, but I feel like heaven existed when I was above the beautiful sceneries. — Seriously, those sceneries would be on loop in your memory forever after this flight. I can’t even take my mind off the sightseeings since I got off the aircraft.

I’ve been to over 40 countries, I can assure you this is the Flight of a Lifetime.

Still hesitating? Oh, fret not! Let my photos do the talking and you’ll be mind-blown!