Travel lightens the heart and broadens the mind. Students especially can take advantage of long vacation periods to explore the world while improving their education. Enjoy visiting different countries while still young with travel programs for students.

Do odd jobs while on vacation, soak up the sun or go on winter wonderland trips. Take advantage of special student study programs that enable you to visit other countries and learn something new at the same time. Now is the time to use your time wisely.

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Volunteer teaching programs in Brazil

If you plan to study teaching at college or university, use the opportunity to get ahead of formal studies by volunteering your teaching passion in Brazil. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you’ll also impress your college, and you can add this event to your C.V. You can benefit from so many advantages with just one decision. 

On top of your teaching, you can improve your Spanish speaking skills while making the lives of children in the WorldTeach mission that much better. Learn from the locals, enjoy their cuisine, and have an adventure by being a tourist in your free time.

You can even leave aside your assignment writing worries and if you are wondering, ‘’who can easily write an essay for me’’, head to EduBirdie. The professional writers at this academic writing service will take care of your work while you enjoy your travel time.


Learn Chinese with GoAbroad China

Students that want to practice or learn Chinese can go to Beijing for further studies at their University of Language and Culture. Indulge in free Tai Chi classes, visit ancient temples and take a trip to the Great Wall of China. 

The Chinese language has become popular in commerce, so students who learn this language will also have the opportunity to work for extended periods in the country. 

You can also look forward to a low cost of living in the country, making a student program in the country an attractive option. Benefit further by finding cheap flights that leave you with more money to spend on this once in a lifetime adventure.


Study with API at Harlaxton College in London

London has got to be one of the most popular destinations for student programs. Live in London and wander around the massive Harlaxton College grounds, reminiscent of scenes from Harry Potter. Study in an ancient mansion, similar to the grand environments occupied by the characters from these movies. 

View London Bridge at night, and attend quaint theatrical theatres for the best entertainment the city has to offer. Nightclubs and pubs are other uniquely British experiences that you won’t want to miss while in this ancient city, with its modern amenities. 

Build your student network so that you always have contacts in the city should you choose to work there one day. 

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Visit South Africa with Volunteering Journeys

South Africa is a premium destination for students who love animals. We’re not talking about domestic pets, but the “Big Five.” Help with wildlife conservation programs where you get to see dangerous predators like lions and cheetahs up close. Volunteering Journeys makes all of it possible for you.

Learn about predator management, clean up beaches or rivers. Go for lazy moonlit walks on beaches, and swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Your education is incomplete until you’ve experienced the wildness of South Africa and her cultural diversity, where her wildness lies adjacent to contemporary cities.


Visayan’s medical assistance in the Philippines

Aspiring medical students will enjoy Visayan’s program where you get to use your medical knowledge to help others. 

Volunteer to help with hygiene education, conduct medical checks and participate in relief clinics aimed at medical information and care. Your patients will include children and childcare, informing women about their healthcare, and more. 

All student programs add personal value through experience, personal growth, and inclusion of volunteer work on CVs. Many volunteer programs can be included with formal studies as part of their medical training. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help people in need.


Student travel programs offer more than the opportunity to learn. They provide avenues for personal growth by helping others. Simultaneously, you broaden your knowledge of the world, expand your thinking, and get to have fun while adding value. What better way to spend your free time than enriching your life and that of others? It definitely beats sitting at home watching T.V. or going to the mall with friends. 

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