5 Fun ideas you should do before Summer End

For most people, summer is their favorite time of year; and with good reason! The weather is perfect, school is out, there are cookouts in virtually every backyard and you can spend all day and all night shirtless! While many of us always relish the idea of summer, unfortunately, we almost always end up doing the same old things:


  • Swimming in the pool
  • Going for a cookout or two
  • Spending ages at the mall
  • Trying out best not to get sunburned


If you want to really spice up your summer, you should make a list of all the exciting things you have ever dreamt of doing and start checking them off one by one. You know, a “Summer Bucket list” of sorts. This way, every summer you will have something new and exciting to do.

5 Things that you Should Definitely Do Before Summer Ends


That being said, here are some of the things you should definitely try before summer comes to an end:

1. Rent a Boat and Sail Out into the Deep Blue Sea

No matter how many times you do this it will never get old. There is a level of freedom that comes with sailing into the horizon that you simply cannot get with anything else. Why don’t you go down to your nearest large body of water and rent a boat? Boats in San Diego are quiet affordable, built to the highest of standards and what do you know, there is a large body of water nearby. Rent a boat and just sail off with your friends. Go fishing and sunbathing in the ocean!

2. Start Working Out


Although you really should be working out throughout the year, there is no better time to start working out like summertime. This is when everyone is bent on not wearing any t-shirts on the pretext that it is too hot. This is when all the ladies bring out their beautiful bikini bodies and all the guys want to show off their washboard abs. You won’t be able to do this if you look like Winnie the Pooh. You can easily start working out during the summer to get the body and confidence you need to go topless at the beach. You should, however, keep this going throughout the year so come next summer you’d be as chiseled as a swimsuit model.

3. Find the Most Exciting Parades and Marvel at People’s Creativity


Summer is the perfect time for parades. From fourth of July parades to a host of smaller, county-based parades, you can make a long list of exciting parades to attend during the summer. This is a chance for you to not only visit a new town but to meet new people and to see how creative they can be with their celebrations. You can go to either watch or even join if you are so inclined.

4. Go Hiking and Camping


Yes, this is one of those things that most people do during the summer. The thing is, you can never really run out of places to hike and camp. We live in a beautiful world with some gorgeous and almost uninhabited wildernesses. Why not make a list of the most fetching destinations and go hiking or camping there? We can assure you that you will never run out of places to see and visit.

5. Have a Garage Sale


All these wonderful opportunities that come with the summer cost money. That is the down side. The upside is that there are things that you can always do to earn money to pay for all these wonderful ideas we are listing up here. Holding a garage sale is a wonderful way to make quick cash to pay for all those picnics, hikes and camping trips. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to clean out your closet and house and free up the space for newer things once the summer is done. Remember, just because it is old and used to you does not mean that it will not be new and treasured to someone else.

Other things you could consider doing include:


  • Attending a bonfire with a group of close friends for a nightlong bonding session
  • Find a movie drive in and have a romantic and entertaining time with that special someone. You can even go see a summer blockbuster
  • Find an outdoor concert and attend it. There is no better way to let loose and just have fun with loud music
  • See some fireworks
  • Take a trip with the family
  • Do some much needed housework. You can either go small and start a garden or you can go big and overhaul your paint job or even fix your roof
  • Have a BBQ for you, your friends and family. It is a wonderful way to catch up


When all this is said and done, take the time to do something nice for someone less fortunate. You can volunteer to help the homeless or do something to earn you some valuable life skills while being selfless. You know, something like volunteering as a lifeguard at your local swimming pool or beach.

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