If you want to travel the world but your current finances can’t fund it, your best bet is to get a job that allows you to travel. There are different types of travel jobs ranging from full-time jobs that involve travelling, freelance jobs, or doing temporary jobs at your travel destination. Whichever job type you choose, ensure that it can pay you enough to fund your travel and other amenities while you are on the road. 

Long-term travellers wish to have travel jobs to help fund their travelling, and there are many options to choose from and opportunities to make money on the road. Even if you can fund your travel adventures, making some extra income while travelling is a good idea. It is also a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. Check out these 5 job ideas. 

Teach English Language

If you can speak English fluently, then you can offer to teach the English language while travelling. You can earn a full income if you are travelling to the Asian region where there is a high demand for English teachers. Finding an English teacher gig abroad is not so difficult. You can partner with the locals or even post your services online. Another option is to search for English tutor vacancies in your area you are travelling to.


If you love travelling, but you also need to find a job to do to make money while travelling, you should consider becoming a voiceover artist. The voiceover industry is thriving and getting bigger every year, and as a result, there is an increasing demand for voiceover artists. But you first need to learn the ropes before you can start recording voiceovers for clients. Once you have learned the basics about recording voiceovers, you can record your demos and upload them to voquent.com.

Sell your photos

If your photography skills are top-notch, then you should consider selling your photos online. Various websites let you upload your photos and sell your photos as prints for a commission. Consider becoming a freelance photographer and make some money from your creativity. However, you may not start making money right away, but it is worth giving a try.


Dropshipping is one of the hot businesses to do in 2020. It is a job that you can take with you anywhere you go in the world as long as there is internet connectivity. The beauty of the dropshipping job is that it does not require any large investments to start, with just a computer or your mobile device you can handle orders and fulfilment while soaking in the sun on a beach in Greece. 

Affiliate Marketing

 If you are just starting on the job, you may not make money right away. Also, the competition is extremely high, but if you are willing to do the research and learn how it works, you can make a lot of money. With affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission on every sale made for a particular product through a link from your website or blog.