Everyone goes travelling for a different purpose. Although most all go to enjoy the excitement of a different culture, some go for the history, some to make new friends and some to get a wider perspective on life. Whatever your motive is, there are a few general skills all travellers could benefit from picking up.

You want to go into your trip prepared, and make a good impression on the locals (and fellow travellers) around you. Here some ways to help you along your journey of a lifetime.

1) Languages

It is always, good to get clued up on some languages before you head off. It depends on your trip to what language you’ll want to learn. If you’re basing your travels in one country or continent, then picking up the dominant language of that area will be your best option.

If you’re dotting around the globe, then think into which nationality you are keen to learn more about. If you are feeling really determined then why not learning some of the key phrases for a variety of languages? It will be impressive, too. 

Even if you can’t speak the language fluently, the locals will usually be pleased by the fact you’re even trying. Don’t forget a phrase book! 

2) First Aid

We don’t want to add a thread of worry to your mind, however, first aid can always come in handy wherever you go. Even just knowing how to tend to a bad cut will leave you feeling thankful. You never know what could happen so getting that step ahead could help prevent a situation worsening. 

CPR, the Heimlich, treating and dressing wounds and burns are some of the useful things to know when abroad – or at home! Take a kit with you, too. 

3) Learning an Instrument 

This is a more leisurely skill, but there’s a time and an excuse to learn one, it’s now. Being able to strum the guitar around the campfire will be a bit of fun (if not cliché) for you and your travelling buddies. Not only this, but an instrument such as the drums, plays a rich part in some cultures history.

The Djembe is a drum that is key in West Africa, the Tabla in India and the Tanggu in China. So, learning isn’t only good for your own sense of achievement, but can be a special way to immerse yourself in culture. You can find a variety of drums at drumcenternh.com to get you started. 

4) Get Map Savvy

Learning to read a map can be more difficult than you might think. We all have maps on our phones now which makes life a lot easier, but even reading those can be tough at times. Most of all, you may be in a place where a phone map is not available.

Alternatively, it may be good for you to go back to the basics and get away from technology. Either way, get to grips with how to read a physical, hard-copy map. You never know when it’s going to come in handy.

5) Learn to Cook

Learn to cook some proper meals. There are plenty of reasons why this is going to help you on your journey. You can ensure you will stay nourished and energized on your trip. You will also be able to cook for friends that are with you, or use it as an excuse to make new friends.

Research in to the countries you’ll be visiting, and see what they cook and eat. This way, you can get the full international experience, whilst proving you want to love and respect the habits of other cultures. You can also show off a bit as well here!