7 adventure sports you should try in Morocco

If you are visiting Morocco in your holiday, then make sure you try out these seven adventure sports to have the best fun-filled vacation you ever had.


The best possible adventure sport or activity that you can take part in while you are at Morocco is diving. Morocco is blessed with two separate coastlines – the Mediterranean one and the Atlantic one. This is equivalent to 4000 km. The shores are beautiful, to say the least, and the marine life is quite diverse too. There are plenty of marine mammals that you can see over here like dolphins, different kinds of whales such as killer whales and pilot whales, and at least 240 varieties of fishes.

The most notable fishes that can be found over here can be enumerated as below:

·         red Pandora

·         black porgy

·         sea bream

·         moray eel

·         striped mullet

·         skate

·         tuna

·         swordfish

·         grouper

Surfing in Morocco

If you are a surfing enthusiast then you should most definitely visit Taghazout in Morocco. This is basically a small village known for being a surfing destination. You do get rocky headlands over here but the beach itself is sandy and smooth. It is situated towards the north of the famous resort known as Agadir. It holds a number of competitions that get surfers from all over the world. Surfing the waves over here can be a great experience, to say the least.

The best weather for surfing is definitely between the latter half of autumn till March. However, this does not mean that you cannot come here for the rest of the year and indulge in a spot or two of surfing.

Whitewater rafting and kayaking in Morocco

The best places for whitewater rafting and kayaking in Morocco are the Middle and the High Atlas Mountains. If you love to participate in white water rafting then you should definitely visit Oum-er-Rbia in the High Atlas. You can reach the destination through the villages known as Khenifra and Beni Mellal. As many as 40 springs are known to originate from Oum-er-Rbia and this is the reason why it has got the nickname Mother of Spring River. The ride to the location starts in a calm fashion as such but even as you enter the area known as Ali Mohammed Gorge, which happens to be an intense one, you should be mentally prepared to work hard.

Windsurfing and water skiing at Morocco

The best place to be doing these activities in Morocco is along the Atlantic coast. In fact, this coast is the best possible option as far as water sports of any and all kinds are concerned. The most prominent names in this regard are Essaouira and Agadir, both of which are well known as resorts. Essaouira is also referred to as the Windy City of Africa and as such happens to be a beautiful washed town on the Atlantic coast of Africa. It has excellent conditions for sailing and as such organizes many windsurfing competitions.

In fact, kite surfers are also known to love the city highly.

Deep sea fishing and fishing at Morocco

Both the coasts of Morocco are well known as destinations for fishing and this is especially true of the Atlantic coast. If you want to be adventurous however try fishing at the Western Sahara area. If you want to take part in deep sea fishing then take a boat and head out to Sakhla in Sahara, or Mohammedia that is located in the vicinity of Casablanca. You can also try Moulay Bousselham and Essaouira as well.

The most prominent names among the fishes that you can catch over here are as follows:

·         sea perch

·         bonitos

·         mullet

·         chad

·         sea beam

·         swordfish

·         marlin

·         tuna

·         grouper

·         barracudas

Horseback riding in Morocco

If you wish to explore Morocco just like the cowboys of America did in the Wild West then you can take a horse on rent for a day or even longer and then ride out for an adventurous trip. Morocco is blessed with a rugged terrain and mountainous landscape. It has desert as well. So, there is plenty of variety for you to roam around and explore. Getting to see Morocco on horseback is one experience that you would take back with you forever. It would add a nice little mix to your travel as such. You will get introduced to Morocco and that too at your own sweet pace.

Trekking and hiking in Morocco

Morocco is also well known for hiking and trekking. Summers are the best time to hike. If you were to arrive prior to July you would get most of the areas to yourself. The best season for hiking is between April and November. As far as hiking is concerned the High Atlas Mountains can be compared to the Alps or the French Pyrenees. However, if you wish to go hiking at this place then you should have some prior experience in climbing. Among all the terrains of Morocco, this is the least spoiled and this is why it happens to be the most beautiful of all. When you go hiking at the High Atlas you would have to walk long distances and stay overnight at places as well.

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