For many people, it has always been a dream to move somewhere amazing. Everyone would like to be surrounded by a beautiful city that they get the pleasure of calling home.

Whether they plan to live in Greece when they retire, or they are getting a head start and making the move in their 20s, a lot of people have dream destinations to live. 

Here are just seven of the most beautiful places that you can live all around the world!

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Surrounded by mountains and oceans, Cape Town is one of the most breath-taking cities in the world. 

This city is home to the prison that once held Nelson Mandela, so much of the South African history resides in this city. The prison is now a living museum that brings out the overall culture of Cape Town, South Africa. 

2. Auckland, New Zealand

As a booming economic power, Auckland, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful urban cities that you can find. 

With a huge percentage of the country’s yearly container trade, this city is economically and professionally a great place to live. 

The choice to move to Auckland is an easy one, and with MovingtoNewZealand, so is the actual process of getting your belongings to your new home. 

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Experiencing Edinburgh is quite literally a trip through time. With gorgeous historical monuments, and even a castle, this city is beautiful to look at, while still remaining vibrant with culture. Edinburgh, Scotland has all of the flair of a medieval town mixed with elegant gardens and Neoclassical buildings. 

As if all of that were not enough, the weather in Scotland is also beautiful. If you’re into moody, atmospheric climates, it should definitely be on the top of this list of places to live.

4. Oia Village, Santorini, Greece

This city in Greece is likely the most famous. With movies, TV shows, and pictures on the internet showing the white houses with blue roofs that look like they are built into hills, this city is many people’s dream living destination. 

In Oia Village, you can step out of your home and immediately be overcome by the beauty of the water right in front of you.

5. Charleston, South Carolina

In the United States, no where has as much Southern charm as Charleston, South Carolina. This city is rich in history and has plenty of places to further your education, making it a very opportune place for younger people to relocate to. 

6. Vienna, Austria

Speaking of higher education, Vienna, Austria boasts about its superior education. Home of some of the most famous minds in history Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud, the city’s artistic and intellectual capabilities are apparent. 

This city is rich in history and beauty, making it a very popular place to escape your regular life to. 

7. Kyoto, Japan

While anywhere in Japan is absolutely mesmerizing, the city of Kyoto in particular has a special place on this list. 

The city is full of amazing architecture and you will fall in love with cherry blossom season, when the whole city is filled with the beautiful pink and white flowers that before seemed to only be real in the movies. 

Which City to Choose?

So, you get your choice of these lovely cities. If you have decided to uproot your life in your 20s to live somewhere spectacular, or you have finally saved enough money for your retirement plan of moving to someplace with a rich history and culture, any of these cities could be wonderful to call home. 

The only question is which of these breath-taking cities will you decide to make home?