Australia is a huge continent with the beauty of having a diverse culture, people, and amazing touring sites. It is a good place to explore flora and fauna, which have lived to change the world into a better place. 

Its good climate, fresh air, and natural ecosystems are among the many reasons most tourists flock every year. Before traveling to Australia, you need to be well conversant with some of its rules and regulations for an easy life.

Know the local language

There is nothing as awful as going to a new place and lacking the right way to express yourself. Knowing the Australian local language is important in helping you find the way around its cities. The citizens of Australia speak English that depends on Australian slang words that control its meaning. 

Get help in translation early enough before setting out on the journey to Australia. This will help you in being able to read signs, labels, warnings, and get appropriate directions.

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Driving of cars is to the left

Australia is among the few nations that follow the driving rule to keep to the left. This helps in avoiding accidents whereby the driver gets to have an easy view of overtaking vehicles. 

Public transport in Australia is not common, so you are likely to end up driving. However, this is not effective in all cities but in the few, the need to adhere to this driving safety rule is crucial.

The emergency dial number is 000

You may encounter an emergency anytime on a visit to a new country. Knowing the country’s emergency dial number keeps you safe and ensures to get the basic services required. Various countries have different emergency numbers and in Australia, it is triple zero.

Call this number when encountering a fire outburst in the house, a burglary, or when ill and in need of immediate medical attention. An ambulance or the police will come to the rescue as per the nature of the call made.

Weekly payment of house accommodation

Unlike other countries that offer monthly payment of renting an apartment or a house, Australia charges per week. Most house agents use this benchmark of comparison to renting houses.

This harsh reality should not scare you stiff to visit this amazing country. Ensure to get prepared to dig deep in your pockets every week to keep living in a cool, vibrant, and healthy house. 

It is a massive continent

Australia is the world’s largest country that is a continent on its own. This increased mass of land gives it a chance to have vast activities that will ensure your stay is fun and great.

The nation has six states due to its large landmass per square kilometer. This makes traveling from one state to another take up the most time. 

Your skin will need sunblock

Nature dictates that excessive sun takes a negative toll on the skin. Australian sun produces severe heat and UV rays that may lead to the damaging of the skin. To avoid ending up in sunburns in the middle of your tour to the beach, ensure to buy a good sunblock cream. 

You will end up avoiding skin blisters that would have changed the physical appearance of the skin. Ensure to maintain high self-esteem on the journey to a new environment by preparing yourself.

Carry a gift on a barbecue invite

It is a tradition in Australia that an invitation to a barbecue should come handy with a gift. This can be a bottle of champagne or wine or their beloved booze or you can decide to take the healthy road. Let your host have some dessert, a dish of salad, or meat for grilling barbecue.

This goes a long way in showing appreciation for the kind gesture of inviting you. Moreover, you get to have fun, whether in the park, the beach, or indoors. 


Doing a background check into a country before visiting it is very helpful. It helps you in preparation for the journey ahead and is sure of what to expect. It helps you avoid having emotional outbursts when faced with negative reactions due to ignorance of basic regulations and cultures. You end up being on the safe side of the law and in favor of the nation’s nature and citizens. 

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Judy Nelson is a technology graduate and currently works as an IT programmer for an Australian startup. She also contributes to other students’ success by helping them with college assignments including thesis and dissertations. In her free time, she works on her travel vlog, reviews local food joints and watches comedy-dramas on the web.