If you’re looking for cultural diversity, enriched heritage, and heartwarming hospitality, the Asia Pacific is the right place for you. It’s going to introduce you to trends, traditions, and a way of life you’ve never seen before. 

The whole region of the Asia-Pacific is all about mysticism, spirituality, and adventure! 

But Asia-Pacific is not a small place. There are so many places to choose from. So how do you decide?

Luckily, you don’t have to as we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 places to visit inside the Asia-Pacific. You’re welcome!

Dive Deep into Spirituality – Shikoku, Japan

The 88 temples of Shikoku should be enough to tempt you to visit Japan. This sacred place is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year. 

Despite being one of the largest islands in Japan, Shikoku is a really underrated destination. . It’s not until recently that tourists have discovered its beauty. The cities of Takamatsu and Matsuyama are brimming with people waiting for their chances to get into Shikoku. 

All 12 islands surrounding Shikoku are now popular tourist attractions. The lesser-known places like the hidden Iya Valley, the Naruto whirlpools, Kōchi City’s castle, Hiromi markets, and Matsuyama’s Dōgo Onsen are also being explored. The magic of the place brings tourists back again and again. 

Catch Waves and Be Brave – Bay of Islands & Northland, New Zealand

Often called “Surfers Paradise”, the Bay of Islands is filled with incredible beaches surrounded by a forest with enormous trees. 

Considered New Zealand’s hallmark, the Bay of Islands seems to have been blessed by Mother Nature. 

Northland, on the other hand, is enriched with cultural and historical diversity. This is a secret ground for the Maori people who came here centuries ago. So you can still see their rich cultural heritage when you visit the Northland. 

The two nations came together and joined forces roughly about 200 years ago. 

Experience Hospitality Like No other – Cambodia 

Angkor Wat, the most iconic place in Cambodia is enough to bring Travellers here again and again. This place has been untouched and unchanged for over a thousand years. 

But those who have been to Cambodia say that it’s the people who attract them the most. Their wonderful spirit and Hospitality invites The Tourists Deep Inside their core. 

Although they have held onto their Heritage and Culture the city landscape is changing very fast. With restaurants on top of skyscrapers and luxury resorts – Cambodia is working on the travel-friendly game. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds – Beijing, China 

One of the fastest-changing cities in the world, Beijing really is a sight to behold. The pace of modernization never stops in Beijing. But, amidst this fight for modernization, Beijing has not let go of its rich cultural heritage. The places and structures from the past are carefully preserved.

Visitors can go to the colossal Forbidden City and experience the wrinkle in time. They can experience the biggest palace complex in the world, the Lama Temple. And No one would dare to miss one of the greatest structures ever created by mankind, the Great Wall of China. 

Discover A Thousand Places to Visit In – Singapore 

Singapore is undoubtedly a role model for countries with very limited resources. It has raised from the rubble and introduced itself as one of the brightest stars in Asia. 

The Lion City has two parallel worlds going at the same time. In one, you see Ultra-modern lifestyle and Revolutionary Technology. In the other, you see more than 700 years old cultural establishments and rituals. 

The culinary experience in Singapore is unmatched. You can experience street food and discover sensors in your tongue that you’ve never felt before. 

You can go posh and have fine dining in rooftop restaurants. There’s like a thousand different places to visit in Singapore. Be sure not to miss the Singapore Food Trail, Raffles Hotel, Night Safari the national museum of Singapore. 

Fall in Love With the Islets – The Cook Islands 

Nothing gets more Pacific than the cook Islands. The amalgamation of 15 beautiful islands, Cook Island is sure to amaze even the most aloof person. 

The main island Rarotonga holds these 15 islets together. If you are one of the people who enjoy a laid back vacation without any noises or any troubles, Cook Island is a place for you. 

The life here is Pristine and breathtaking. Quick dive into the coral reef will rejuvenate your heart. Or, you can take a short flight from Rarotonga to Aitutaki and visit the world’s most beautiful lagoon. The turquoise hue of the lagoon will leave a mark on your heart. 

Go Back to Simple Days – Fiji

If you could add a label to Fiji it would say  “100% natural and no added preservative”. The jungles in Fiji are filled with natural diversity and you never know when you are going to have a waterfall right in front of you.

Fiji is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. It’s a sustainable lifestyle with solar power and sustainable Technology that impresses tourists. Fiji’s accomplishments toward ecotourism have inspired many other countries to follow it’s footsteps. 


The Asia Pacific is the region where nature has been very giving. Biodiversity, the saltiness of the blue,  the sandiness of the beaches and the hospitality of the people will make sure that you leave a part of you in the  Asia Pacific. You are bound to fall in love with the beauty of the place where the sun meets the sea.