Whether you’re seeking famous islands, clear crystal waters, stunning beaches, unique architecture, traditional foods, or even history in Greece, Kos delivers it all!  

Before we start explaining our story, we were invited to explore Kos by Discover Greece. Admittedly, we had never heard of Kos before – we only knew of the famous islands such as Santorini, Crete, Mykonos etc – but Discover Greece pointed out that Kos, at this time of year, was not going to be overrun with tourism, which meant we would get to enjoy ourselves, with less crowds. And as Kos is really close to Turkey, we thought it’d be a fun trip – so we took it! 

Aegean Airline provided us a complimentary flight round-trip flight from Munich to Kos, with layovers. By the way, Aegean Airlines is the largest airline in Greece and this was our first-ever experience with them. Our seats were comfortable, the plane was clean and the staffs were very communicative with us. The meals were great as well! It explains why they won several awards for being one of the best airlines in the world, what a great flight! 

  • Website: en.aegeanair.com/
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When we arrived on the island, we took a car rental with Hertz. This process was smooth and quick, and the best part was that the staff walked with us to find our car. For our entire trip, the vehicle ran great with no problem at all. What a great service. 

  • Website: hertz.com/p/car-rental/greece
  • Facebook: facebook.com/hertzgreece/
  • Instagram: instagram.com/hertzgreece/?hl=en

Avil Traditional Taverna – Zia Sunset

Later in the evening, we wanted to find a good restaurant with a scenic view of the sunset – there are several great restaurants in Zia, which is a small town where you can get to see an entire landscape with the sunset! We drove up to the hill and arrived at Avil, a traditional taverna. We were speechless by how beautiful and romantic this restaurant was as it was full of vines and traditional decorations! We reserved a table with a view of the sunset and we met the family who runs a restaurant. They were super friendly and excited to have us to learn more about traditional Greek foods! Together, we watched their grandma make several traditional Greek foods in the kitchen. We could clearly see how passionate she was and we ate the food, which was insanely good! We also ordered wine and some other Greek foods for the sunset. It was one of our favorite experiences on the island!

We are so glad that we spent our evening over there, it was completely worth the trip and money! 

  • Facebook: facebook.com/taverna.avli.96/

“Melissa Kos” Honey Factory

This is a local gem offers deliciously flavored honey, which is produced on the farm itself. Melissa Kos Honey Factory is a family business, operating for over 100 years and being passed from grandfathers, sons and grandsons. It was incredible to witness the traditions of their bees, how they are bred and how they produce honey in the most natural way! The factory has different productions including honey liqueur, beeswax, soaps, many more. I tasted their honey and cannot describe how good it was. I’d suggest that you go and try it too!

You can ask them to give you a tour and they’re super clear on how everything works. It was fun learning their business and how their honey factory works.

  • Facebook: facebook.com/Melissa-Kos-888348494524833/

Hatzipetros Olive Oil Factory

Greece is well-known for its numerous olive oil productions – Greece isn’t Greece if there’s no olive oil! In Kos, we met a great family working in the olive oil industry for more than 3 generations. With their knowledge, they have been expanding to different products like shampoo, soaps, oil dressings, snacks, health, and many more. They gave us a tour around their factory and explained how to convert olives into oil. It was such an interesting lesson and again, it is worth the trip – if you love food!

  • Website: http://kosoliveoil.com/

Kos Wine House – Triantafyllopoulos Winery

Who doesn’t love wine? We always enjoy tasting different ones from all over the world so when we learned that there is a winery and family business on Kos, we thought it was the ideal place to go!

With wines that have been recognized at an international level, we visited this winery and the first impression we got was that it was an incredibly beautiful place. The smells we sensed were full of wine and grapes! When we tasted their different wines, we were blown away by intense flavors! Each had ranges from dryness to sweetness but our favorite was a sweet wine – it was well balanced in everything.

The employee was very passionate about wine and took the time to explain to us how everything started with a tour around. Impressive! I’d recommend this place to you, if you want a romantic experience. 

  • Website: koswinery.gr/en/home/
  • Facebook: facebook.com/inambelos/
  • Instagram: instagram.com/triantafyllopoulos_winery/

Artemis Hamam

In the south of Europe, these traditional baths are where people go to clean themselves. Greece is well-known for that and so when we were exhausted from exploring around on the island, we visited Artemis Hamam, established in 2012. Artemis provides different experiences, all relating to their traditional methods. We took a seat in the steam room, had a rinse, exfoliated, and then got massaged. It was excellent. The massages actually put us to sleep, due to being so relaxed, and afterward, we were given fruit drinks. What a good way to wrap up our hammam experience.

If you need relaxation then go for it!

  • Website: artemishamam.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/ArtemisHamam

Kos History

Visiting Kos is like a gateway to understanding Europe. You’ll be lost in historical ruins, along with the few crowds of tourists! Don’t forget that the city has a globally influential medicine history, famous architecture and lots of cultures which is out on display. I learned that the locals are also fond of history and take Kos history seriously. They recognize that their history represents who they are today. I do have several recommendations for whenever you are out visiting ruins or learning about Greek history below:

  • Hippocrates’ Asclepeion – a holistic healing center
    • This is one of the most important archaeological sites where the area used to have temples, hot springs, hostels and much more. It’s all in ruins now but there is a rich history.
  • Paleo Pyli Fortress
    • This was our favorite of the sites, just west of the Mount Dikeos range. It offers very little public information but it was probably the most beautiful ruins we saw on the Island. To us, it wasn’t just ruins, it was the stunning views of the entire island! 
  • Roman Odeon of Kos
    • As one of the most important historical sites on Kos, this was built as a gathering place for numerous events (poetry, music etc) and different meetings. 
  • Altar of Dionysus 
    • Constructed in the island’s glory days of the 2nd century BC, the frieze was the most important historical part on the island. It portrays the battle of the Amazons and represents god Dionysos. Also in ruins, however, you will be able to the stone wall and many broken remains across the grounds.

There are many more historical sites that you could visit but we believe that those are our personal favorites because we enjoyed learning the history of Greece. 


Kos has beautiful sandy beaches that you’d definitely enjoy relaxing on! I believe there are around 20 great beaches in Kos – some with soft white sand and blue waters! Some others are rockier yet with incredible scenic views. I will point out a few spots we visited.

Basilicas of Saint Stephen 

Let’s talk about the Basilicas of Saint Stephen. It is a complex of two early Christian churches dating back to the 6th and the 5th century BC. There was also a larger church, on the rock, which was once connected to Kos island. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by an earthquake. This is one of the most photographed places on Kos island and it was around 50 minutes away from our hotel. When we arrived, we were blown away by the beautiful, crystal-clear waters! There are many spots to swim and we discovered a spot where no tourists were around! It was a pleasant time for us.


Thermes cannot be missed on your trip! It’s a famous spot for the pebbled cove with hot springs. Our original plan was to skip Thermes due to experiencing numerous hot springs all over the world. We believe it was one of the common experiences. Guess what? We were wrong! We drove there from our hotel and it only took us five minutes! Yes, Michelangelo Resort & Spa Hotel isn’t too far from Thermes! We arrived and was surprised at the number of tourists there. It wasn’t crowded at all. We sipped into the water and learned it was really hot water. We saw other people swimming in front of the Thermes. We followed them and surprised at how warm water is. It was the perfect temperature. We ended up staying there for nearly two hours. We enjoyed watching the sunset. Worth your time! 

Admittedly, we didn’t swim around much. If you’re not a fan of swimming, well you should check both out. You won’t get to see those places somewhere than Kos! 

Michelangelo Resort & Spa Hotel 

We stayed at the luxury hotel Michelangelo Resort & Spa Hotel, which is perched atop a cliff in Kos. The hotel offers gorgeous scenic views of the deep blue Aegean sea – the best view on the whole island!

It is a resort with unlimited food and drinks, as long as you request a grey wristband, and there is a pool-side restaurant/bar serving refreshing drinks and cocktails. Other amenities include a gym, a spa with massage services, an infinity pool where you can order unlimited drinks and enjoy scenic views and much more. It is a golden picture for Instagram, with service levels beyond five stars! The staff were very friendly and helpful when it came to our needs – it wasn’t just the service, they also ensured that the hotel felt like our home over the few days we were there – and it worked! The fairy-tale feeling when you stay in an authentic luxury hotel! 

It’s clear that what they offer here, and the service offered is immeasurable. I still cannot fathom how amazing this hotel really is.

  • Website: michelangelo.gr
  • Facebook: facebook.com/michelangeloresortspa/
  • Instagram: instagram.com/michelangeloresortspa/
  • Address: Agios Fokas, Psalidi, Kos, 85300
  • Phone: (+30) 2242045900
  • Email: info@michelangelo.gr

Discover Greece

I want to finally share some appreciation to Discover Greece. In the offered agreement, they and their partners provided us with our roundtrip from Munich to Kos and we were treated well. We are very grateful for our partnership and we certainly intend to continue our partnership in the future! 

  • Website: DiscoverGreece.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/DiscoverGreececom
  • Twitter: twitter.com/DiscoverGrcom
  • Instagram: http://instagram.com/discover.greece