Hey buddy! I go by Calvin Young and I’m a Deaf traveler. I love exploring the world to discover and share amazing stories, useful tips, stunning photographs, jaw-dropping videos and many more with you all!

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Because I’m all about discovering myself, learning new things daily, meeting and interacting with awesome people, seizing every opportunity to expand my perspective on life and grow my experience, taking risk, and many more. I want to challenge myself and grow as person.

My ultimate goal to show the Deaf community that solo travel can be safe, easy and a lot of fun. I also aim to empower and inspire the Deaf people that they can do anything they want through my travels.

Traveling is the best thing you can do for yourself.


At first, I got to travel a little in the beginning when I started up my first media company that conducts multimedia productions contracts. Then I moved on to a new company in real estate and got in a startup accelerator program at Rochester Institute of Technology

While I was working through the startup accelerator program for my second company, I lost my interest in real estate industry and that was I realized that I spent over 5 years of establishing a career in New Media Marketing, and I still hadn’t accomplished my lifetime dream of traveling the world.

Then I told myself, “Why can’t I just f*ck everything and start living my dream?!”

I decided that I didn’t want to hold on to my dream any longer. Thus, I left the startup to travel the world.

It was one of the hardest thing I had ever done, but it was also the best choice I ever made in my life.

I skipped halfway around the world to Southeast Asia with a buddy of mine, Mic Dolan. We explored all over Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for 1 month and half then we spilt up.

After that, I flew to Europe to meet another travel buddy, John Hathaway II (who later started this blog with me as a co-owner).

While I was returning to the United States after two weeks in Europe with John, I immediately began planning my next destination and that was India.

Upon my arrival in the US, my friends and family put me through the wringer about my traveling experience. I realized that instead of trying to inspire everybody one by one, I thought I’d start doing a blog where everybody would be able to follow my journey as I share an endless series of stories, beneficial tips, breathtaking photographs, jaw-dropping videos, and many more so everybody would have full access to my travels as if they were with me in flesh!

That was when Seek the World was born.



Want to join my travels as if you’re with me in flesh? Want to learn how to travel the world  and get the most out of every experience?

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