When the lockdown finishes, people celebrate their return to freedom by booking a holiday treat. Sometimes folk want more than a standard package holiday. It could be because of an anniversary celebration, or to mark the beginning of retirement. 

For most, the thought is that we get what we pay for; if we want luxury, it’s going to cost us. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are some places in the world with bargains to be had. Let’s take a look at a few of these right now. 


The Maldives

Many people would see this location as a dream fulfilled. Lovers of water can swim with sharks or dive into the coral reef. Visitors can enjoy water sports or simply gaze into the blue-green Indian ocean or blue lagoons. The travel specialists at ZeldivaLuxury.com say would-be tourists are scanning websites for rated new developments, refurbishments, and luxury villas. They want to be able to plan their holidays in advance and be notified of seasonal offers that will save them money. 


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Luxurious resorts are found in abundance here, in the north-west of Cambodia. There are night markets to be seen, and local delicacies such as stir-fry beef to be tasted. 

Lovers of history can visit the Angkor National Museum, or see the many temple ruins. The temples of Angkor are one example, dating back to between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.

There are also such things to visit as silk farms, rice paddies in the country, or the Tonie Sap Lake. Traditional Apsara dance performances will also delight tourists. 


Fez, Morocco

Next to Casablanca, this is the biggest city in Morocco. It has 1.22 million occupants. This cultural capital has much that appeals. There are alleyways and designer shops at Medina, which is a historical walled garden. The most ancient walled part of Fez has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area is packed with locals, but there are plenty of tour buses to access for traveling. 

People can admire the Andalusian and African architecture in Fez. One of the world’s oldest universities in the Quaraouiyine Mosque Library, dating back to 859AD. 

Mexico City, Mexico

Tourists would expect to spend their time eating tacos and drinking tequila, but there is much more to this area. Interestingly, Mexico City has been called the aquarium of the world. This is because it is home to 900 species of fish and 32 types of marine mammals. 

Visitors can go to the Ciudela market for some shopping, or eat at one of the many local restaurants. History lovers will enjoy the many Mayan ruins and the Museum of Fine Arts. If the timing is right, tourists may even be able to observe the spectacle known as the Day Of The Dead, with all its accompanying celebrations.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Lovers of cheap food and transport will be in paradise here. This capital city boasts a spectacular skyline, plenty of street food, and nighttime markets. In addition to the National Museum people can visit its many landmarks and buildings of architectural interest. 

Children will be delighted to learn there are water parks here for some outdoor fun. There is also the amazing skyscraper called The Twin Tower KL which is well worth a visit. 


Antalya, Turkey

This location provides the perfect entrance into Turkey. Lovers of foreign food will enjoy trying such local dishes as Gozleme or Pide (similar to pizza). The greek ruins of Olympus are situated in Cirali and are accessible for visitors. There are also many Greco-Roman ruins such as the Temple of Apollo, and a theatre designed for 15,000 people, 

Beach lovers will love the Turquoise Coast, including the world-renowned Kleopatra Beach with its many miles of sand. 

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This dream location is found on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Imagine arriving at this coastal resort with its beaches by the Red Sea. Energetic travelers can go on a journey into the desert, or try their hand at snorkeling. There are coral reefs here like nowhere else. 

Anyone wishing to delve into Egypt’s rich history will find this the perfect place to start. Sharm El Sheikh was home to around 73,000 people as of 2015 and hosts many international conferences. 

Would-be holidaymakers are well-advised to search online for the best deals. Locations such as those we have discussed can provide five-star accommodation at very reasonable prices. When the luxurious becomes affordable, the doors open for a brand new range of holiday experiences to be treasured for many years to come. Perhaps it’s time for you to book your next adventure!