What is the Best Way to see Most of Australia? Roadtrip!

The best way to see what this beautiful country has to offer is to take a vehicle and go on the road, so in other words it’s a roadtrip in Australia!
What I love the most about taking a road trip is that no matter what happens, it is guaranteed to be an experience. You’ll be able to experience some random plans at the last minute through your road trip such as water sports, exploring cool towns, national parks, exotic foods, and many more possible random experiences. It’s those kinds of risks that will set your experience apart from the rest, and they will turn into fun stories you can tell later on. Your mission is to have the most fun possible, right?
Due to  insufficient time, I only got to go on a road trip and see most of Eastern Australia; Victoria, and New South Wales. But I’ll definitely return and make a road trip and go through another regions in the future. 
However, I’ll be explaining you why you should a plan road trip instead of flying.
1. More freedom and flexibility
Taking a road trip easily allows you so much flexibility and that means you can get what you really want to get out of Australia. With a car you own or rent, maybe one of Thrifty Car and Truck Rentals vehicles, you can just go anywhere from point A to B and getting to see whatever is important to you in between, the journey can easily be a memorable time for you.
For instance; Grandpa, Dad, and I accidentally missed one of the famous beaches to visit, Byron Beach, while driving to Brisbane. We all agreed to return back to Byron when we drive back to Sydney and we actually did that. That’s the flexibility I’m talking about. Not only that, the freedom I had was finding some beautiful spots where I was able to capture beautiful landscape photographs.
2. Explore the landscape
Australia holds the most special love in every local’s heart because of its landscape. It’s beyond beautiful, you’ll get to see numerous beautiful landscapes during your road trip. You’ll easily discover a change in the landscape as you drive around. Australia has amazing coastal roads for you to explore, which is an added fun element to your road trip.
As an adventurer and photographer here, I can assure you that having a vehicle made a huge impact on my insight of what Australia has to offer and enhanced my photography portfolio works. I was able to capture some truly remarkable photos such as photos from when I went stargazing, 4 hours away from a  town or city, a wild koala, and many more on the coastal roads.
3. More of an Adventure

Activities are not the only adventure you can have while traveling in Australia. You can easily make your own incredible adventure by driving from Sydney to Cairns. There are numerous great stops that you can make.

From my own experience: my grandfather, father, and I drove somewhere through some random national park. We all ended up encountering some Australians and had a couple drinks with them. That was quite the adventurous experience for us. I love expecting the unexpected.
4. See more out of country
With a car, you’ll be able to get the most out of what you really want to see. Although, I do have to warn you how dangerous this travel can be. The plan is so unpredictable, sometimes it doesn’t follow the plan that you laid out. It can be altered due to a cancelled flight, budget issues, weather conditions, etc. It’s so hard to change your plan if you don’t have a car. Flight issues can be fixed by simply getting you a room to stay in or regret to inform you that you cannot get a refund your money if your activities are fully cancelled. You are better off to have a car so that way whatever happens, you can just find a way to make a new plan and see the most out of country.
This is how we did it!
5. Budgeting
Whenever you plan a road trip, you’ll discover how much you can really save your money by finding a traveler or friend to come with you. You could also split money with your fellow travelers, sleep inside the vehicle, and park somewhere out side of the town or city where you can camp out. You can also store your food and/or drinks inside your vehicle. The more money you get to keep, the more places you can afford to visit!
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