Proposing can be a nerve-wracking and exciting experience, however, it’s important to find the right way and place to do it. Some people love getting all the attention and that’s why they stage public proposals surrounded by strangers who clap and cheer, while others prefer privacy and intimacy, so they propose when there is no one around. So, whatever the case when it comes to you and your preferences, it’s important to organize your proposal in such a way that will feel like a surprise but not in a cheesy way. Going abroad or at least to another city is a great way to have fun, do something new and use that trip to propose to the one you love. Therefore, here are the best places to propose in the world.

Paris, France

Of course, we’ll start with the most obvious one, but let’s be honest: there is something uniquely gorgeous and magical about Paris. Proposing at the top of the Eiffel Tower requires planning and other resources, but if you manage to do it, then it’s surely going to be a proposal from a fairy tale. Paris has so much to offer, especially to couples, which is why it’s known as The city of love. Other places that you can also go to the Louvre Museum, walk down the Champ Élysée and visit a Medici fountain that is also known as a hotspot for proposals.

New York, New York

Every person should visit New York at least once in a lifetime. This place has too many places worth visiting, and for those who don’t like the traditional romantic vibes of major European cities, then proposing in New York will surely be the right choice. If you’re looking for an ultimate romantic proposal place, then look no further than magnificent Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park: it will both make you feel like you’re starring in a romantic comedy!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This Croatian city has been known as “the pearl of the Adriatic Sea”, however, its popularity surged when the TV show “Game of Thrones” became popular. All the gorgeous shots of King’s Landing were actually shot in Dubrovnik, which is why many tourists decide to make a visit. Deciding to propose there is a recipe for an amazing proposal, and if you’re looking for a perfect ring, then you can go to Moon Magic and choose something your future spouse will adore. The top of Mountain Srd is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and propose.

Venice, Italy

If there’s one place that is suitable for all romantic types, then it’s definitely Venice. Known for its narrow channels, charming gondolas, and narrow streets, this Italian city is a tourist Mecca, but it is also a popular choice for those who are planning a perfect proposal. So, if you want this to be memorable, you can splurge on a gondola ride and propose there, or simply go to a stunning St. Mark square and pop the question there, surrounded by numerous pigeons and music.

Niagara Falls

If you and your partner are in love with nature, then it’s only logical to go somewhere where nature still has the last word. Niagara Falls has preserved that amazing awe that people experience when they visit. Experiencing such a beautiful landscape can be a brilliant backdrop for going down on one knee to pop a question. Plus, since you’re already in such an amazing place, that minimizes the stress of planning, which is great if you’re too busy to orchestrate a lavish proposal. 


Travelling to a new place to propose is an excellent opportunity to experience something new while simultaneously preparing for a future together. However, before you book your trip, make sure that your partner wants to visit that certain place because if you’re looking to propose on a certain location, it’s essential to make it equally suitable and perfect for both of you.