Right now, travel is extremely difficult. But sometimes you need to take a break regardless of whether you cannot physically get on the road or take a flight out of the city.

To help you out, here are 5 tips to make the best of your necessary staycation. 

Dive into a Good Book

One of the best ideas is to immerse yourself into a novel that you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the time up until now. To make it even better, allow yourself to be transported to another place and time by either reading some fiction based in a certain place or something historical that takes you away from the current events. 

Nicholas Sparks is particularly good at sharing romantic stories with his readers, along with a deep knowledge of the Carolinas, including the beaches, waterways, and other idyllic settings. Also, historical fiction by Bernard Cornwell is a popular choice that is full of action, excitement, and fewer romantic entanglements if that’s not your thing.  

Create a Comfier Bedroom

To get the hotel-like feeling, you may need to accept that your bed has seen better days and isn’t doing your back any good. 

There are many good options for a replacement mattress that will match your preferred sleeping posture (side, front, or back. With some new bedding, a new mattress can provide a plush sleeping experience that’s similar to a hotel. 

Also, look at adding mood lighting to reduce the strain on your eyes nearer to bedtime, to help you relax more. 

Cook Something Special or Order In?

Are you a dab hand in the kitchen or prefer to use the microwave? It’s best to be honest about these things if you want to upscale your dining while at home.

If you know that you prefer either restaurant food or takeout to getting in the kitchen, then install the UberEats or Doordash app on your iOS or Android device. This way, you’ll have your pick of the local takeout and restaurants that while not currently open to diners are still doing delivery food orders. 

It will be great business for them during difficult times and will satisfy your craving for specialty dishes that you definitely cannot prepare at home. 

Catch Up on the Glossy Magazines

Either you have some magazines that you haven’t gotten to, or there’s some that you’d enjoy but haven’t organized a subscription yet. 

Now is a great time to sort out a few magazines to read in a comfy armchair (they’re available digitally now for your tablet too). 

This way, you can catch up on what you’ve been missing. Pick the topics that you’re fascinated by. That might be celebrity gossip, boating, woodworking, or another hobby that never got enough of your time until now.  

Spend More Time Outdoors (Near Your Home)

We’ve all spent too much time indoors recently. It can severely affect the mood when not getting outside.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a backyard, but some walking trails and a few local parks are now open again. As long as you keep a sensible distance from other people out walking too, it will be a healthy option for you. Just stay close to home. 

Breathing fresh air, seeing a different setting, and taking a breather from home life can be a vacation in itself. It will also make the staycation a happier one because it acts as a release valve. You’ll feel more energetic, positive, and have a sunnier outlook. This usually happens naturally as a result of taking a step back from life to relax and decompress. 

The art of a successful staycation is to indulge in what gives you enjoyment (especially if you haven’t had the time to do it recently). This makes it feel luxurious because time is irreplaceable.