Segway Tour Around the Sacred Acropolis Rock in Athens, Greece

I'm sure you've once said "Oh, that two-wheeler thingy that people whiz with," huh? I have and that two-wheeler thingy is actually called segway. It can go as fast as 12.5 mph. Maybe driving a car at 12.5 mph doesn't feel fast, but trust me it is fast for a segway!

They're quite popular, and you can find them in group tours in most major worldwide cities such as New York City, Boston, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and many more! Grandpa and I was lucky to be offered the luxury to experience one for the first time in Athens.

Scuba Diving with a School of Fishes in Santorini, Greece

Everybody knows that it's a must to catch the beautiful sunset of Oia in Santorini, especially for lovers going on a romantic vacation, but what about adventure seeker like me?

Santorini is not all about sunsets, rugged landscapes and whitewashed cubist houses in the villages. If you explore the deep... there's no chance you'd want to miss the chance to check out the scuba scene.