Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest, Hungary:

If you're looking for a welcoming place to dine outdoors in Budapest, you'd want to check out Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar. Especially during the summer!

The Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar is a restaurant under the Baltazar Budapest hotel. It's a little boutique hotel in Buda Castle offering luxurious accommodations that feature creatively designed rooms. A little-known gem at a prime location, close to all the historic sights yet in a peaceful neighborhood.

Visiting the Deaf Club and Association in Budapest, Hungary

The Deaf Club and Association in Budapest, Hungary is known as Siketek és Nagyothallók Országos Szövetsége (SINOSZ), which translates into "National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing"

It is a non-profit national advocacy organization funded by legislation of Hungary actively promoting social integration while encouraging the support of improving the quality of life, providing resources according to the real needs based on demand, stimulating accessibility processes across the country, and having the facilities to give the sense of community.

Dipping in Europe’s Largest Thermal Bath Complex in Budapest

The Széchenyi thermal bath is the famous image of Budapest, but it’s more than just a thermal bath. It’s actually the largest thermal bath complex in Budapest AND in Europe. It has been visited by both locals and tourists from all walks of life.

Not only that, there are over 120 thermal baths in Budapest and it will be hard for you to find a local of Budapest who doesn’t like thermal baths. Literally, spas are everywhere in the city. Not small pools either, massive complexes built around multiple pools featuring water slides, fountains, wave pools and snack bars. Hence the name, City of Spas!