Malaysia: Teaching Sign Language to Hearing Malaysian Kids is Challenging

Sign language is a visual language, not a written language like English, French, Dutch, etc. Teaching a visual language is completely different from teaching a written language. Generally, you can teach yourself the basics of a written language by making connections with simple words of your native written language, but with sign language, it requires tons of time and concentration to learn.

Malaysia: Weird Food You May Decline to Eat in Penang

You have seen all weird food, particular meals in different articles pictures, etc. in your lifetime. Sometimes you are tempted to try because these are easily considered to be “once-in-a-life-time” thing and we are full of curiosity! We want to know what it tastes like, yet we are terrified of what it may taste like. It may be way worse than what you have tasted in the past. It may be way more delicious than what you have tasted in the past. Either way is still terrifying to know! There's plenty of that in Malaysia.