15 Stunning Photos from the Flight of a Lifetime above Lake Tekapo

To really appreciate the sheer size and scale of New Zealand's highest mountains, major glaciers and icefields, you really have to see it from above. Flying over 200 kilometers of breathtaking alpine scenery in Lake Tekapo is a must-do attraction in New Zealand. Truth to be told, if you were going to pick one place in New Zealand to do a scenic flight then this award-winning "Grand Traverse" flight by Air Safaris be a top priority on your list.

Not only that, one of reviews on TripAdvisor mentioned that it utterly wiped out the scenic flights over the Grand Canyon, Mount Everett, and Great Barrier Reef. One of main reasons is that their aircraft has a window seat for every passenger and wings-above for optimum viewing below. I was like, "Whoah! No way!" When I found out.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lake Wanaka

As an outdoor enthusiast who seeks spectacular natural settings, I would definitely recommend you to visit Lake Wanaka! It’s a quite nice town an international flare located on New Zealand’s south island, about an hour north of Queenstown. Nonetheless, Lake Wanaka is New Zealand's fourth largest lake estimated to be more than 300 meters (980 feett) deep.

Let's say Lake Wanaka is the dark horse of New Zealand's best natural attractions as it's not often mentioned in media, but I assure you that it's not something to miss out on. Here are five reasons why you should visit Lake Wanaka:

Fox Glacier – Heli-Hiking on One of World’s Most Accessible Glaciers

Know what? Life's short. Go and take the chance to heli-hike on one of world's most accessible glaciers, Fox Glacier, in New Zealand. It's an experience like no other. Combining a helicopter flight over the glacier and a guided walk on the ice itself, it provides a truly immersive glacier experience and is one of the best hiking adventures you can have in New Zealand.

What’s amazing about Fox Glacier is that it’s only 700 meters above sea level – there’s no other place else at that latitude with a glacier so close to ground level. That means you can opt to hike to the base of the glacier from town within a couple of hours but nothing beats getting a helicopter to drop you directly onto the glacier itself—agreed, huh?

Hiking World’s Best Day Hike Amongst Volcanoes in New Zealand

Want to take a hike that takes you through the heart of “Mordor”, passing by “Mount Doom”? To really immerse yourself in Mordor and feel the eerie barren landscape, trek the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

The landscapes of Mordor and Mount Doom was filmed right in the World Heritage Tongariro National Park and it's known as World's Best One-Day Hike. Not only that, as a big fan of Lord of the Rings Trilogy films, I made it a dedicated trip to ensure I checked this off my bucket list!