Celebrate Bucks Party: 5 Bucks Night Ideas in Gold Coast

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There is an endless list to the number of things you can do in Gold Coast for a buck’s party. You could pick a typical activity like dinner and talk with the boys or go all-in on an epic adrenaline-filled adventure! Whatever your taste, Gold Coast buck’s party will fulfill your fantasies. You want this night to be one of a kind because you only get married once; at least for most people. Let us explore some of the exciting buck’s night ideas in the Gold Coast.

1. Boat Cruise Party

What better way can you end your bachelorhood in style than having your bucks party in a cruise ship coupled with beer, BBQ and loud memorable music? You can take a three-hour or longer cruise trip with the option of having a topless waitress tagging the heat to your party. You can drown in all kinds of alcoholic drinks, and let the worries float away. Everyone will understand; this is probably your last day of freedom! Also, it is not a complete buck’s night without strippers to knock you off reality. It is only in this city that you get services personalized to your tastes and preference.

2. Bucks Gold Coast Fishing Sessions

Expect to experience only the finer things in life while on a fishing weekend on your buck’s night. Let you and the boys enjoy nature and water as you indulge in beer taking and tale-telling. All you need is fishing equipment, your best booze and a few of your favorite boys to enjoy the serenity and beauty around the Gold Coast waters. Do you know what makes the adventure even more fun? Girls! Make the experience even more exciting by bringing along beautiful girls and create a memory to last you through married life.

3. Indoor Poker and games

Do not condone the common entertainment concepts everyone tags to their buck party. Be bold! Be Daring! Do yours differently. Instead of booking a bar with strippers, you can bring the party home. While at it, raise the adrenaline rush as you take part in poker games. Even better, the girls will offer you some poker tips to earn yourself the perfect night. Bucks party activities in Gold Coast require the adrenaline rush to usher you into the next phase of life in style. With many bucks’ party ideas, you will win the challenge by personalizing the activities to suit your needs and budget.

4. Gold Coast Brewery Tours

This is probably going to be your last day drinking yourself to death without numerous phone calls coming through. Wouldn’t it be the best night to drink loads of alcoholic drinks before the big day? Luckily, beer tasting and bar hopping packages come in numerous varieties in Gold Coast. You can choose to start your adventure as early as lunchtime. Kick off with the coldies for the afternoon before you are all drunk and ready for the next phase. Like the icing on the cake, the package comes with a club crawl party tour where you get VIP treatment.

5. Surfing With The Beach Babes

Your buck party might be the only chance you get to have a surfing lesson conducted by a beach babe. Nothing makes your Gold Coast buck more exciting than having the opportunity to be treated like a king. Slip into your swimming suit and let your best beach babe guide you through the water as you surf. It doesn’t stop there; the bikini angels will get your favorite drink, towel and give you a massage of a lifetime like the king you are. You and the boys get top entertainment from the beach angels at the end of the day as you engage in table tennis, beach football and any other beach related activities.

Get to be crowned the legend in your crew by planning your buck’s party to fulfill your fantasies and expectations. Squeeze the juice and hire sexy strippers from agency like Absolute Blonde to have the night of a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be a drunken night, but let the adventure and travel sweep you away. Let the trouble find you like it is the last night of your life in the Gold Coast!

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