Business can lead you to any place in the world. You probably have been to many Mediterranean countries like Croatia, Italy and Greece. But have you tried the excellent business environment of Cyprus? If not, it is time to give it a shot and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The island state is business oriented, and they welcome investors from different parts of the world. Those who have already been here before will not have challenges going about their business errands, but first-time visitors may require some guidelines.

Connections with Both the East and West

The Cypriot government has been working hard to expand business opportunities in the country. As a member of the EU, doing business with other EU countries is now much easier. Apart from this, Cyprus has numerous other bilateral trade agreements with countries from different parts of the world. So, if you are looking for a great place to do business and live, Cyprus should be a major consideration for you.

Centralized Capital

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is at the center of the island rather than in a coastal region. This is a big plus for business travelers because they can conveniently reach all parts of the island with ease. This region is also the home of almost all government services. Thus, running the official government errands from your hotel is very easy.

In addition to being in a centralized location, Nicosia is full of business hotels that are ready to offer the best services to all business travelers. Experts recommend booking well in advance. This can be done through your agent, who will most likely be processing the visa for you. The One Visa website is an ideal place to find an agent who will help you with all your travel solutions as a busy business person.

Friendly People

Nothing is better than meeting friendly people when you are looking for a business opportunity. If you are landing in Cyprus for the first time to explore the business opportunities that they have, people from this country will not only welcome you but also are willing to work with you and help you in settling down.

However, your reception is subject to how you treat people here. Being on time for appointments and showing respect and commitment are all they want. Thus, it is good that a business traveler applies the appropriate business etiquette in Cyprus.

Additional Activities

Cyprus is considered to be the “jewel of Mediterranean” because of its clean beaches, resort hotels, rich historic and cultural centers and much more. Business travelers can combine their trips to the island with a few days of leisure by purchasing a good one of the many packages that are offered by local travel agents. It will definitely give you the small vacation that you deserve before getting back to business again.


Cyprus is a country that has many charms that will compel you to give it a try. With the above information, you are already a step ahead even before you begin a business trip to the country. You can conduct more research and consult experts to make the right decisions.