Dream Destinations for Family Vacations

With the hectic schedule at work and the constant activities of the kids at school, it’s a challenge to have everyone in your family stay in one place for a long time. You barely even see each other at home because of the different agendas you all go through each day.

According to The American Institute of Stress, daily life problems causes stress, and a study showed that planning a vacation can reduce stress and increase happiness. This is the very reason why you need a vacation from your daily routines once in a while.

Beautiful places are everywhere, but where should your journey as a family start? Below are some of the biggest destinations where your family can go for a vacation.


Yes, the Pyramid of Giza is a popular destination in Egypt, but there’s more to Egypt than what one might think. It is no surprise that Egypt is a country that is known for its sacredness. This is the home of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. It is also rich in history and culture. If you and your family are into embracing cultures of a foreign land, then you can try visiting Luxor, a former capital of pharaohs, home of the kings’ tombs and sanctified temples.


In addition to that, this country is also blessed with the most breathtaking views, beaches and resorts. Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Safaga and Ain Sokhna are just a few of the towns, resorts, beaches and views that will amaze you. Your kids will enjoy diving and snorkelling at these places while you and your partner have your romantic date as you walk through the port of Alexandria.


Similar to Egypt, Rome is also an amazing location to spend your family vacation. There’s no doubt that Rome is rich in beautiful places, historical sites and sacred locations. From the iconic Colosseum, ancient Roman gladiatorial arena, St. Peter’s Basilica that’s well-known as the world’s largest basilica of Christianity and home of our Pope Francis, Pantheon that holds historic tombs, to the landmark of Roman church. A family vacation in Rome will surely literally bring you to places.


If you’re looking for preserved ancient ruins, temples and beaches, Greece would be the perfect destination for you and your family. Its capital, Athens, home of Athena, is an example of how astonishing Greece is.


However, this isn’t only what Greece is known for. Santorini, an island with whitewashed villages, Minoan ruins, volcanic landscapes, and Fira & Oia beaches will leave you stunned in awe.


Rhodes City’s medieval landmarks, Mykonos, Zakynthos Island, Lefkada, Paros and Milos are just a few of the many fine beaches in this country. Name what you want — breathtaking night sites, long and white beaches or majestic historical ruins, Greece has it all.


Lovely people, culture, food and historical places — Mexico has a lot in store for you. A tropical country, Mexico has beaches that will surely amaze you. Cabo, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Cancun are just a few examples of the amazing beaches of Mexico.


If ever you’re looking for ancient locations, the legendary Chichen Itza, the remains of ancient Mayan that has a large stone pyramid with ostentatious carvings, is for you. If you prefer temples, Oaxaca is what you should visit. There is also San Cristóbal de las Casas, a Mexican cathedral along with Los Altos Museum and colonial buildings.


Your kids can enjoy the tasty food like tacos, burritos or the guacamole with nachos while you and partner can drink tequila. Mexicans are quite well-known for their fine taste of alcohol. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you take on a cruise and get tipsy after the first hour.

The Caribbean

The average annual rate of tourist arrivals in the Caribbean is 3.1%. This only proves how great of a vacation destination the Caribbean can be.


Latin America always gives us the finest beaches and the Caribbean is a great example. From Havana to the islands of Saint Martin, you’ll be able to find great hotels and resorts with great deals. Whether you’re looking into a romantic vacation for two or a family beach vacation – this is a great choice no matter what.


There are a lot of sceneries that you will surely enjoy. Waterslides and other water adventures are waiting for your kiddos. This place is the best destination if you and your family are up for the water escapades.


One of the many countries that are blessed with the unsurpassed island beaches, culture and people is the Philippines. This country is divided into three large islands which are Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and every island has a lot of tourist destinations that will take your breath away.


Luzon has Vigan, the place where preserved ancient homes of the ancestral Filipinos is located, Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, and Manila Bay that has the best view of sunsets.


Visayas has Cebu with a lot of waterfalls like the Kawasan falls of Badian, Leyte where General MacArthur landed years ago, and Bohol, the home of Tarsiers.


In Mindanao, they have Davao, the 5th safest city in the world. They also have Samal Island which has white sand beaches, Hinatuan Enchanted River that looks incredibly enchanted and the ever famous Mt. Apo.


Our world is strikingly amazing and every place is definitely worth the visit. Wherever your family vacation destination may be, it shouldn’t really matter as long as you are with your family. After all, it’s not about the place, it’s about the people you are with.

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