Australia is big. So big in fact, that from the eastern city of Sydney to the eastern city of Perth would take you a week of solid driving. A flight to Indonesia would take less time than a flight to Sydney. A flight from Sydney to New Zealand is quicker than a flight to Perth. Okay, we get it; these Capital Cities are very far apart. When it comes to buying a home, these cities are also very far from each other. Land value in Sydney has gone through the roof whilst Perth’s has been failing on the tail end of a resources boom. Sydney is internationally famous, and it draws people in with its glittering glass and steel structures and the promise of a better life. Perth is the oft-overlooked sibling but everyone who knows Perth isn’t worried. Perth is a rising cultural powerhouse, with a rich and deep-rooted love of theatre and a healthy live music scene (something that can’t be said about Sydney!). Now has never been a better time to make your new home in Western Australia. Visit a Display Village in Perth to see some of the quality homes on offer here.

West Coast

Lendlease is creating future conscious communities across Australia and now you can experience a new standard of living in Alkimos Beach, Lendlease’s new community in Perth. Whilst some suburbs cling to the tag of “coastal living” and claim a beach lifestyle, Alkimos Beach is the real deal. Residents can enjoy a stroll to the beach not just glimpse from the top of a hill. Homes being built here are only constructed by reputable builders and for a fraction of the price of a Sydney.

Luxurious inclusions like 900mm appliances and stone bench tops will appeal to the chef and entertainer, whilst quality tiles and carpets will stand up to the most active families. Lendlease has a commitment to the sustainability of its communities. Most homes built here in Alkimos Beach will have energy smart packages installed and some will have solar PV systems installed to not only slash your energy bills but reduce your environmental footprint. A clean conscience and a low power bill? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! For the Best Value House and Land Packages in Perth simply visit Lendlease Communities & Display Villages today.

East Coast

Leaving the effervescent waters of the Indian Ocean, we make our way east to the deep blue waters of the Pacific, and touch down in Sydney. Filled with history (and traffic) Sydney has one of the most distinctive and iconic skylines in the world. Nearly 5 million people call the greater area of Sydney home and the demand for housing has exploded over the last decade. As land value has become prohibitively high, new parcels of land are being developed to cope with the demand.

Jordan Springs is one such example of a new release being thoughtfully developed by Lendlease. Here you will find quality house and land packages for below the city median. The benefits of building a new home are many, and the option to customise your home is very appealing. Visit the display village in Jordan Springs to see what your new home could look like.

Whilst Sydney’s gravity continues to pull people in, Perth is now emerging as a world city with a flair of its own. Luxury Coastal living on the east coast remains a million-dollar dream, but here in Perth you can find masterfully built homes on generous plots of land for half the price. Whichever side of the great land you reside, check out Lendlease for the best value house and land packages and learn about the great initiatives they employ throughout their communities Australia wide.