Europe is bordered by the Arctic and Atlantic ocean, as well as the Mediterranean sea. The continent is made up of several countries situated in the northern hemisphere of the globe. All of these countries boast of cities that you need to include in your travel bucket list. Below are some of these cities and how you can enjoy your stay in each of them.



The historic center of Florence was declared as a world heritage site and this city is known for its renaissance art and rich culture. To enjoy your stay in this city, you need to unleash the hidden artist in you. This is where you will have the opportunity to visit and admire numerous masterpieces created by some of the most famous artists.


Malta is one of the cities in Europe that is definitely worth the visit. To enjoy this island jewel without any unforeseen mishaps, it is best to book with a travel partner who will arrange everything for you from your flight to your accommodation, as well as your tour package. The seasoned travelers behind Choice Holidays believe that partnering with tour operators having office staff based on your destination is highly beneficial on your part. The reason behind this is that not only are you fully protected since your travel flight and accommodation are properly insured, but you can rely on the staff who are significantly familiar with the place.


Paris is the capital of France and it is a very popular tourist destination since it is the global center for fashion, art, and culture. To ensure that you enjoy this city to the fullest, make sure not to skip on visiting the smaller museums or avoiding travel using the metro. What you should avoid is eating at famous brasseries or planning any meals in areas highly frequented by tourists. This will ensure that you get to enjoy the city without being stressed and breaking your bank.


Barcelona is known for its rich history and in as short as a four-day stay, you will already be able to explore the city. During this time frame, you would already have the opportunity to enjoy the unique character of this city, compared to staying only for a weekend adventure. Prepare your feet for lots of walking though because to enjoy this city, you will get to see so much more by foot.


Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and to make sure that you enjoy your stay in this city, try to avoid classical concerts which are designed for tourists. Rather, opt for the real and full orchestras that play during the off-peak season. Since this city is a tourist attraction, just keep in mind to be vigilant about your belongings, especially when taking the tram.


To wrap things up, make sure to include Florence and Malta in your travel bucket list. Also consider a visit to Paris, Barcelona, and Prague. These are only some of the must-visit cities in Europe and there are still much more left to wander and explore. The important thing is to enjoy your stay in each city and make your visit a remarkable one each time.