Writer: Alana King

While our great city of Melbourne is a wonderful place to experience, with its rich history and culture, there are a striking and vast number of natural sights that are awe-inspiring within our great state. 

While there is no denying that our great state has taken a battering, it shows that through adversity, this country shows its true gems and comes out better, and our landscape shows that as well.

For there is still a rush of gold out there for the senses, particularly for the keen photographer, if you are willing to take a look.

So, come with me as I, hopefully, help you discover or indeed, rediscover some of Victoria’s natural beauty. 


The Twelve Apostles:

Situated along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, these natural monuments of limestone rock have been a feature of Victoria’s coastline for centuries. 

With an LED Lenser torch, you can get the perfect brightness to see them at dawn or as the sun is going down. 

While there has truly only ever been eight rocks along the coast, upon choosing a name for the landmark, it was decided that they were too great for a simple name, and so were named after the twelve disciples. 

Further down you will find the London Bridge limestone monument, renamed the London Arch after the connecting cliff face eroded away.


The Dandenong Ranges National Park:

Located at the base of Ferntree Gully, winding its way up through Belgrave and Olinda, the Dandenong Ranges National Park was originally a small reserve that has built up and grown over the decades. 

One of its most popular and visited sites is that of the 1000 steps. While the true steps part of the walk is around 770, you will travel through the lush green forest along the “Kokoda Track Memorial Walk.”

This walk encompasses the length from the car park and the steps, with marked plaques along the track that pays respect to fallen soldiers and to the “Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels,” the groups of Papuans who provided supplies to the troops.

Buchan Caves: 

These natural wonders are caves that are situated out in the East Gippsland region of the state. After the recent fires that have ravaged the area, the caves are well worth a visit. 

With well-lit walkways and a display of ancient limestone stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over 400 million years ago, the Royal and Fairy Caves operate daily during peak tourism periods.

A perfect excursion or day out for any budding geologist or scientist. 


The beauty of Phillip Island:

This island, situated southeast of Melbourne, at the entrance to Western Port Bay, is home to a number of natural charms and wonders. 

From a number of trails, including the Pinnacles Lookout, perfect for any hiker, to a Koala Reserve and the famous penguin march that you can view as they make their nightly march up the beach. 

Whether you come for a day or you stay for a week, Phillip Island showcases some of our famous fauna in their natural habitat amongst a beautiful landscape.


Hanging Rock:

Located in the Macedon Ranges, near Mt. Macedon, Hanging Rock is a tourist attraction renowned for its stance in Australian legend and folklore. 

Just 40km outside of Daylesford, this former volcano boasts beautiful views, perfect for a picnic, just stay within the reserve. It is also a popular location for music and arts festivals. 



Therefore, next time you take a trip, how about a road trip and immerse yourself in a drive around regional Victoria? 

Happy travels my dear readers, and may you rediscover some treasures among this glorious state of ours.