Anyone who is planning a vacation expects the best. After weeks, and even months of planning, we want to make sure we get the best views, the most delicious food, exciting activities, great accommodation, sense of freedom and affordable transportation. One way to achieve all of it is by going on a travel holiday in a boat. 

Often when people plan a holiday, they often scour the internet or approach travel agencies to find the cheapest flights and hotels. What we often overlook is, there are other forms of travel. Traveling on a boat may seem very expensive, and a hassle to plan. But, it is possible. On the rise are boat rental agencies and apps, where you are able to use their search engine to rent a boat and hire a captain. Sort of like Airbnb for boats. 

Boatsetter is one example that provides these services. Their base is in Florida but pretty much operates almost around the world: Asia, Australia, Mexico and Central America, and Europe. They have thousands of boat rentals, owners and captains for hire; all whilst having a clear filter search engine. 

This makes it easier for anyone to have a boat travel holiday. Other than this being a lifetime experience, here are some benefits to renting a boat for your next holiday:


  • A relaxing way to travel.


Unless you travel business or first class, you know what it feels like to stay hours in a cramped plane. The process of getting to the airport, going through security and the overall hassle and rush of airline travel can sometimes be stressful. When you travel on your own boat, you can take your time and won’t have to rush through any process. No need to have documents or tickets ready. It’s just you and the water. 


  • Your own space and privacy.


When you rent your own boat, the space is all just for you and your family. The whole journey will be comfortable. You can walk around, stretch your legs and lie down anytime you want. 


  • You can plan your own itinerary and destinations.


Unlike traveling by plane or train, you don’t have to follow a schedule. On your own boat, you can take your time and decide on how many destinations you want. Also, with different boating agencies and charters, there are different holiday and adventure packages that your licensed captain or boat owner can provide you. This will also save you money being able to visit many destinations with one price; sort of like a prolonged stopover


  • A great chance to see exquisite views.


Traveling on a boat is truly unique experience. You can sit back and enjoy the journey. You’ll come across various beautiful landscapes. The water in itself is serene and calming–definitely a vacation that you’d want to get away from work. You can also avoid the crowd of tourists when going through canals and rivers. 

If you are slowly entertaining this idea and don’t know where to begin. Here are some steps to guide you through how to go on a travel boat holiday:


  • Decide on your vacation details


First you’ve got to make some decisions on the details of your trip as this will determine what boat you will lean towards. Decide how long you’ll be on this boat (weekend, day trip or week long), how many people will be on board, what sort of activities you’d like to do and the number of destinations you’d like to visit.


  • Use a Boating Agency or Boating Search Engine


Once you have laid out your decisions, it’s time to search for your boat.  When you search online, the results may show charters that are close to your location. However, it’s best to search for ‘boat sharing apps’ as they are more international.  Hence, they are can connect you to more boat owners (this also helps these owners get income). This is a growing market and there are now many boat search engines or boat sharing applications available.



  • Choose Your Boat


When using such boat search engines, such as Boatsetter, they have a very clear and organized way of looking for boats through the filters. You can provide your location, number of passengers, and whether you want a captain. They provide various pictures of the boats available, a description, boat model, capacity, owner response rate, fee details (fuel, insurance, length of rental), and special features. 



  • Message and Decide on Your Boat Captain


If you have a boating license, then you’re set. But if you don’t, then no worries. You can hire a licensed captain to go with you. Once you’ve chosen a boat, you can message the captain and seek more information and build a relationship with you. 



There are many reasons why a boating holiday is a good idea. Plus, the process has never been easier thanks to the boat sharing apps. Just set your dates, make your decisions, search online, choose a boat then connect with your captain.