Group island-hopping is something you cannot miss when you’re in Boracay! Even people say so in many reviews while I was researching for things to do and attractions on the island.

Gorgeous Beach - Boracay

I personally can vouch for them..

After some research, I contacted and requested several tourism boards that offered group island-hopping in Boracay for a sponsored island-hopping tour. Boracay Package Deals were the first and only one to reply. They were glad to inform me that they agreed to offer me a group island-hopping tour and sent me their schedules and inclusions.


  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday


  • Pick up at 9:00AM from the hotel
  • Boat leaves at 9:30AM from White beach Station 3
  • Seafood and BBQ lunch
  • Free water
  • Free use of the beach toys
  • Includes entrance fee to Magic Island
  • Free use of snorkeling mask
  • Swimming and Snorkeling at Crocodile Island
  • Sight-seeing at Puka beach (weather dependent)
  • Cliff Jumping at Magic Island
  • A professional tour guide to assist you all throughout the tour

I decided to go with Friday on May 1st. As included in the inclusions, they agreed to pick me up at my hotel, Pahuwayan Suites.

White Beach – Station 3

In the morning on May 1st, the tour guide, Melissa, came in a van and picked me up. The van was already filled with guests from other hotels and I took up the last spot.

Gorgeous Beach - Boracay

Melissa was very friendly and communicative, she wrote back and forth with me telling me of the itinerary. She explained that we would go swimming at Crocodile Island first then cliff jumping at Magic Island, then chowing down some seafood for lunch at Puka Beach. After all that, we would return to White Beach to go swimming, lounge around and take in the sights.

There were about twelve of us in total, we lined up and boarded the boat. We all sat on boat parallelwise, sitting facing each other. We were sitting quietly and talking amongst ourselves as we waited.

Crocodile Island

We headed out from the shore, about ten minutes straightforward. Upon our arrival, The tour guide parked an anchor near where many other boats were also parked. Melissa informed us that it was up to us if we just wanted to relax and lounge around on the boat or be active and get into the water with snorkel mask and fins.

Crocodile Island - Snorkeling - Boracay, Philippines

She hinted that we would be able to see many different kinds of fishes in the water.

Why would I opt to stay on the board? Of course, I chose to get into the water!

After getting my Go Pro and everything set up, I ended up being the first person from our boat to jump into the water. The people on the boat threw bread into the spot of the water where I was snorkeling and that attracted the fish to quickly swarm up close to my face.  I mean really close to my face. It was a frenzy of fishes. It was overwhelming, so many different kinds of fishes. They were so beautiful, so colorful. I was awe-struck as I swam through this school of fish. Then I spotted some bread that was uneaten and collected them to feed the fishes so that I could get closer to them.

Crocodile Island - Scuba Diving - Boracay, Philippines

After all that fun with the fishes, I swam deeper and got a closer look at the coral reefs. They were really deep. It was fun exploring them underwater.I swam in the water for about thirty minutes; there were some strong currents in the area and it washed me away several times. It was really enjoyable. Besides, they also said I might see some turtles. I tried to keep my eyes peeled for turtles, but no luck. I didn’t see any.

After we all were done, we got back on the boat.

Cliff-Jumping at Magic Island

As we headed to Magic Island for some cliff-jumping, we boated for around 20 minutes. It was a nice ride, very calming.

When we were arriving on Magic Island, we spotted people whooping and cheering. I was puzzled why they were cheering at first, but as I got closer I could see that there was a diving board where people could jump on to get an extra spring in their jump as they jump off the cliff, sometimes doing a flip too.

There were also different heights for people with a different preference of how high they wanted to jump. There was also a short one, about 5 feet, for kids. The other two were about twenty and thirty feet.

Gorgeous Beach

We got off and walked on the unsteady rocks and arrived on the top of their rock ridge. Up there, you can see the whole area—the water was so beautiful, so blue with white specks of boats floating in the area.

After taking it all in, I was ready. I took off my shirt and walked up with my GoPro camera. There was a line of people, so I waited a while but nothing was happening. I slowly and hesitantly stepped forward as a gesture to them that I was ready and I could go,  the people in line didn’t do anything. I went ahead and ran off the cliff into the water.

Everybody who was watching cheered me on and was entertained. They said I was brave and did a good job.

To me, it was really nothing – I’ve done it my entire life. You see, in my hometown Texas, there is a lake that people jump of cliffs at. The cliffs there are 60, 70, and even a 100 feet cliff. I’ve already done them all. I’ve done it ever since I was fourteen years old when I went there to camp with my family. So, that’s why it wasn’t a big deal to me.

I got up and did it again, but this time I did the 20 feet jump.

I got on the 20-feet jump diving board. From there, you could see the beautiful crystal blue water underneath. You could also see the rocks in the water – but don’t worry. That didn’t mean the water was shallow; the rocks that we could see were really deep.

Cliff-Jumping at Magic Island - Boracay, Philippines

Just because I could see the sand and rocks at the bottom didn’t mean the water wasn’t shallow; the bottom that we could see were really deep. I’d say that the water would be about 30-40 feet deep, yet it was crystal clear. It would be impossible for you to touch the bottom if you jumped in.

There is a lifeguard on duty at the bottom and he waved his hand to give me the signal that it was okay for me to jump. I quickly surveyed the area to make sure there weren’t people swimming into the jumping area because sometimes people would unknowingly swim into the area where people jump.

People were supposed to swim AROUND the area and not through the jumping area, but some of them just didn’t. Please keep in mind that you always need to be careful and check the water before you take your jump.

While I was surveying the area, I was thinking of trying to do a dive, but I quickly erased that from my mind because I didn’t want to mess up and possibly hurt myself. Break my back or get seriously hurt. I didn’t want to take that kind of risk. That’s my fear, to do something that will prevent me from continuing my travels.

I ended up jumping many times, I would say about fifteen times. People there were surprised and asked me how I could do that. I just said that once you try it, you’d be able to do it again and again.

Cliff-Jumping at Magic Island - Boracay, Philippines

I used gestures to explain that after a few times you’ll pick up on the best way to jump—how to position your legs, how to hit the water properly. Like for example, if you’re a man and you jump with your legs spread out you’ll slam your balls, penis, and anus. Like duh, It would be better to jump with your feet together. You also should wrap your arms around your body so you don’t slam them against the water when you hit it.

In the meanwhile, I asked one of the men there if he could film me jumping. He nodded. I gave him the camera and let him film me doing jumps. I jumped doing many different poses, which was fun.

The area was really nice, really beautiful. The waves crashing into the rocks – gorgeous. There is a ladder where people use to climb up the rocks after they jumped. We were there for about 45 minutes; afterward I just waited for the others.

Cliff-Jumping at Magic Island - Boracay, Philippines

While I was waiting, a man from my boat, who is a preacher himself, approached me. He learned from the tour guide that I was from Texas, so he wanted to tell me that he went to Dallas recently. I told him I lived in Austin and he replied that he knew a few people from Austin. We wrote back and forth, and I learned that he is a preacher and came to the Philippines on a missionary trip but he didn’t mention why he was in Boracay exactly. He said he admired me for my bravery with jumping off of the cliff.

While we were talking, the tour guide prompted us to get to the boats.

Puka Beach

When we got onto the boat, I continued to converse with the man. He explained that he traveled the world; saw a lot of heart-touching things. He saw a prison in Manilla and saw them doing a dance in unison. It was really powerful for him to see prisoners there really working together and doing something like that. It was something rare for him and I agreed with him, that is definitely a rare sight. We chatted for a really long time, almost four hours. Not four hours straight, that was throughout the day. I think you get what I mean.

Puka Beach - Boracay, Philippines

At Puka Beach, we got to eat plenty of free food: lobster, shrimp, and fishes. Whatever you name, it was there. There was also plenty of rice. Not only that, they provided free beer. Of course, meals like this cannot be completed without beer.

I continued to chat with that guy and enjoy a few beers. Talked about his hometown in Rome in Italy, why he became a preacher. When we were done, I asked the tour guide to sneak me more free beer and surprisingly they were willing to. I love people who know how to sneak and have fun! =P

Puka Beach - Boracay, Philippines

White Beach – Station 1

The preacher and I continued to chat as we boated to the shore of White Beach (Station 1) where the guide shared with us that it was the last stop of the day.

This spot was really beautiful; it had a long piece of land with clear blue water.  They had a shack where you could buy drinks, but I already had my beer so that was fine. They did let me have glass though to use for my beer, that was nice. I continued to chat with the preacher.

Make New Friend - Boracay, Philippines

I also swam in the water for a while; they also had a sand volleyball court on the beach. It was really nice to just swim and relax in the water, and on the beach. After about an hour, I was buzzing from the beer and it was a surreal feeling. It was about time to go as time was up for this stop.

On the boat back, the man offered to cover my drinks. I told him that would be great as I am traveling and have a budget. He said that it wasn’t a problem and that drinks would be on him.

Puka Beach - Boracay, Philippines

That is how things ended!

Overall, this boracay package deals were great experience, I definitely had a blast! The tour was perfect to kill some good time while visiting Boracay and relax, and do things like cliff jumping, drinking a good beer, chatting, and lounging on the beach. I highly recommend you to take a group island-hopping tour while you’re in Boracay!