Description: Learn about Firefly Tourism Agency through the experienced Max Polyakov who wanted and loved to be in this particular position since he was thirteen

tourism manager max polyakov

The Firefly Tourism Agency has always been a place that Max Polyakov wanted to work with for the longest time. Over time his love for tourism since he was thirteen materialized and he underwent vigorous training to achieve this dream. Of course, it was not as easy, however by the time he was eighteen and had finished his high school education, Max Polyakov decided to enrol in a tourism course right there within his town. There were several reasons why Max Polyakov chose tourism as his career. He felt as if it was the best way to be exposed to even more opportunities especially since he wanted to travel and see the world.
Another reason why Max Polyakov chose to travel and tours were that he loved the creative nature of the job. It involved making travellers thoroughly enjoy themselves. Max Polyakov felt as if his desires and innovative ideas would be put to good use here. Max Polyakov, being a traveller at heart also loved the fact that he got the opportunity to travel and allow the future generations to see other parts of the world.

The Challenges Max Polyakov met while he worked at Firefly
Of course, no job was easy and guide Max Polyakov found that he had to employ some of his self-control and him absolutely patient with several of his clients. He had to find peace working at Firefly, and he also had to be as positive as possible dealing with people. All these traits did not come easily, however with several years working at Firefly, he had eventually mastered all these things making him a well sought after travel guide.

What Firefly gave Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov found out that he loved his job at Firefly immensely. He loved the fact that he could interact with several people from all walks of life. He enjoyed educating his clients about the beauty of travelling and what it means for the people and the country as a whole. For him, being part of Firefly allowed him to showcase his beautiful country and culture to the people who came around to visit and did not know much about Vilnius. The travel and tours handled by Firefly and many other agencies in the city brought in internal revenue, and this gave Max Polyakov the utmost satisfaction in his job. After all, if he was not travelling and making people happy, what else would he be doing? For all the things working with Firefly was, Max Polyakov would say without a doubt that his job was indeed fulfilling.