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What if you could spend your whole life travelling? There are people that do this – and they’re not all millionaires. In fact, most people could afford to spend their whole life travelling the world if they wanted to. Here are just some of the secrets to affording full time travel.

Earn as you travel

The easiest way to afford full time travel is to earn money as you travel. There are several ways to do this.

One method is to stop somewhere, get a job for a month or two (such as a bar job or hotel work) and then move onto the next place. This is a slow form of travel, but it can allow you to earn money doing hands-on work as you travel.

Another method is to become a digital nomad. There are various forms of computer-based work that can be done from anywhere in the world providing you’ve got a laptop and internet connection. This could allow you to work more flexibly at your own speed.

There may also be forms of passive income that you can establish. Many travel bloggers and travel vloggers are able to make money through ad revenue (although building up a successful travel blog/vlog isn’t easy).

Get rid of home bills

Travelling full time when you’ve also got home bills to pay isn’t practical. The simplest way to eliminate these ties is to sell/move out of your home. This doesn’t have to mean selling all your possessions – using this website here, you can hire a moving company to put your possessions into temporary storage. You’ll pay a small storage fee, but it will be a lot less than continuing to pay all your home bills.

Of course, for those that don’t want to part with their home, there is another option: rent you home out to a lodger. This allows you to keep your home while someone else lives there and pays the bills. Ideally, any lodger you choose should be someone you know and trust.

Ditch the luxuries

You’ll also need to lower your expenses as you travel. This means doing away with the luxuries associated with vacations such as hotel rooms and restaurant meals.

Hostels, homestay accommodation and campsites are the preferred form of accommodation among those travelling full time. As for food and drink, this needs to be kept as cheap as possible. Think street food and food from grocery stores.

Take advantage of deals

Seasoned travellers are able to save huge costs by taking advantage of deals on hostels, flights and attractions. This is all a case of shopping around and getting the timing right. For instance, you can often save money on flights by travelling mid-week and by using budget airlines.