How to Travel More Often with Rewards Credit Cards

If you’re looking for a stress-free, economical way to travel the world, a rewards credit card might be the answer for you. I know what you’re thinking, “Another credit card with more fees? Absolutely not!” That was my first thought as well. However, throughout my travels I have learned that rewards credit cards enhance my travel experience and lower the cost, allowing me to travel better and more often. Not yet convinced? Learn how Upgraded Points and rewards credit cards have made traveling easier for me and how they can for you, too!

Experience checked luggage reimbursements, airline miles and the comfort of airport lounges

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I think everyone would agree that airports can be hectic, stressful and probably one of the last places someone would like to be while on vacation.

Obviously, rewards credit cards cannot eliminate these stresses, but they sure can alleviate them. Many rewards credit cards will reimburse you for those hefty checked baggage fees, meaning you won’t have to worry about how much your bag might cost, or even weigh. No longer will you be shoving items from your checked bag into your carry-on to lower the weight, thus the cost.

Did you know that credit card points can be redeemed for airline miles, reducing the cost of flights, or making them practically free? Flights are often the most expensive part of traveling, but with the help of Upgraded Points and the right rewards credit card, I have found this is usually not the case.

Even with low-cost flights and checked luggage reimbursements, airports can still be stressful and noisy. After many days of traveling, this is the last thing I would like to deal with. With many rewards credit cards, you are granted access to some of the finest airport lounges in the world, featuring complimentary WiFi, food, alcohol, showers and more. I know that personally, after a long week of traveling, the ability to unwind with a glass of wine in a cozy chair is a game-changer. These airport perks inspire me to travel more often not only because of the reduced price but because of the overall ease of the travel experience.    

Enjoy hotel luxuries at a low cost

Choosing a hotel while traveling can be quite difficult. I struggle to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on hotel rooms when I most likely won’t even be spending much time in the room. However, this can be challenging, because skimping out on lodging can sometimes lead to dirty hotel rooms in less-than-desirable locations.

The highly-researched and well-organized content on Upgraded Points helped me find a rewards credit card with the perfect balance of cost and comfort. Some credit cards offer room upgrades and late checkouts, allowing me to stay in some of the finest suites with the opportunity to relax and sleep in a little. Some rewards credit cards even allow for points to be redeemed at hotels, lowering the overall cost of your hotel stay. The affordability, as well as the additional comforts, allow me to travel more comfortably and more often, overall enhancing my travel experiences.

Save money on taxis, rental cars and Uber (or take them for free!)

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Last, but certainly not least, my rewards credit card works wonders for me when organizing transportation while traveling. I have been on several vacations where I think I have everything budgeted, and much to my dismay I have spent hundreds of unplanned dollars on taxis, Ubers, you name it by the end of the week. Figuring out how to avoid this was a challenge for me until I began using the perks offered by my rewards credit card.

Through Upgraded Points, I have found that many credit cards offer 3% cash back on taxis and other ride-sharing services, which really begins to add up. Other credit cards offer a $15 Uber credit each month, resulting in almost $200 Uber savings annually. Now, I don’t feel obligated to walk or travel by other less-comfortable methods while on vacation. Instead, I can simply call a taxi or an Uber with no regret.

No matter how you travel, there is definitely a rewards credit card out there that fits your style. The key is simply to learn which one is the best for you, and from there, go out and travel!

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