If you’re looking to enjoy a vacation somewhere truly special you might want to opt for the Vita Panorama in Laguna Beach, California. This 4 bedroom villa which you can see if you click here offers you the chance to relax and enjoy yourself like never before. 

The Vista Panorama

The Vista comes with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. With enough room for 8 people you and those you love can enjoy a great time away together. You’ll also be pleased to know that there’s a pool for you to spend as much time as you wish. 

If you’re looking to stay somewhere thoroughly modern but with a touch of luxury, this is the place to be. The villa was designed to ensure that every guest has the chance to relax surrounded by nature. This means you’ll have the chance to sit out on the balcony and take in the sights and the sounds. 

The Amenities 

The Vista Panorama comes with a kitchen and breakfast bar, a dining area that seats 8 people and a dishwasher.  If you’re a lover of wine you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a wine fridge is ready and waiting for you. In addition to the wine fridge, you’ll also find there’s a wet bar, a home theater, and surround sound. 

If you’re a lover of technology you’ll be pleased to know you’ll have WiFi access throughout your stay. In addition to WiFi, you’ll also be free to make use of the exercise equipment, office space and the modern kitchen conveniences. 

Let’s take a look at the villa…

The balcony 

The balcony is a very stylish part of the villa. With light brown colors the complement the trees close by, the area is a wonderful place to relax. The pool is wonderfully placed and looks out over the beach. The wooden chairs that are complete with very comfortable cushions allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. 

The Living Area 

The living area comes in a light brown color and is filled with very comfortable chairs. With a modern yet minimalist style, the living area certainly has enough room for everyone. Surrounded by windows on three sides you really get the sense that you’re somewhere special. 

Complete with a television that has been placed in front of a scenic view, you will feel even closer to nature. 

The Dining Area

The dining area offers a soft and subtle dining experience. The table matches the brown décor and the 8 blue/gray chairs mean there’s enough room for everyone to sit and enjoy a meal. The dining area looks out over the pool and the balcony, opening up this part of the villa, and adding an even bigger touch of luxury. 

The Kitchen Area 

The kitchen area comes with all of the modern conveniences you need to create some delicious meals. The counter’s marble top is nothing short of elegant. The open plan kitchen ensures that guests can move from the kitchen to the dining area with ease. This ensures that meals can be enjoyed without anyone missing out on any of the conversations. 

The breakfast bar which comes complete with 3 stools allows some guests to enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. The other guests can sit at the dining table or even enjoy their breakfast on the balcony. 

The Bedrooms 

Each of the bedrooms has been elegantly decorated and comes with green, light brown, and dark brown tones. The rooms are light and airy and ensure that guests have that touch of luxury even when they sleep. 

Two of the bedrooms are connected via sliding glass doors and look out over the beach. There’s a living area connected to the bedrooms allows guests to enjoy some privacy away from the rest of the guests. 

One of the connected bedrooms is located on the balcony and allows you to make use of the wonderful weather. 

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms, of which there are 4.5, are very luxuriously decorated and come with a modern bath overlooking the sea. The shower area which is located is small but very nicely decorated and is ideal when you want to wash away all of that sand. Wash the day away in luxury and style. 

The Stairs 

While stairs are never usually anything special, here’s where the Vista Panorama stands out. With views of the beach and nearby trees, the stairs help to add a touch of style and elegance. The metallic hand rail complements the wooden stairs that weave their way up and down the villa with ease. 

The Office Area 

The office area comes complete with a computer, a wooden desk and plenty of storage for all your files. Complete with a television and a sofa, this area is stylish and elegant, allowing you to work in private and comfort should you need to. The door to the office can be closed, giving you as much privacy as you need. 

If you are looking to spend some time somewhere very special, the Vista Panorama is the ideal place to be. This sophisticated and elegant villa will allow you to vacation in the lap of luxury. This villa could well be the very best place to stay in Laguna Beach. With parking for 6 vehicles, and complete with a hot tub, the Vista Panorama is less than 5 miles to the nearest golf club and 11 miles to the beach.