Vacations are a great opportunity to recharge our batteries, get away from it all and to make memories. In times past, people used to return home at the end, laden with photos. These days it’s more and more common for people to take video footage. It’s got to be the best way to preserve our precious memories.

It’s a standard joke that people groan when a friend gets out their holiday photo albums. If someone is going to create a video to share, it’s important to make it fun and attractive to watch. We’ll now take a deep dive into making this happen


Think About the Content in Advance

The best way to create a good video is to watch other people. If you propose to film the Niagara Falls, watch a similar video to gain some ideas. We can learn what is good or not so good from watching them. Think about the design of the video. Will it be a story that follows the outward bound trip all the way to the return, or will it be specific highlights or locations only? Will there be a title and other graphics? How about music or a running commentary?


The video may feature one person and their climbing expedition. Alternatively someone may be seeking family-owned memories. In this case, choose a holiday designed for all ages, such as to a National Park.  Another scenic idea would be a visit to a canyon. The footage will be better when all the family are excited. Find out in advance which will be the best places to visit, and where the best views or action occurs. 


Prepare the Video Equipment

This could range from a humble smartphone to a professional video camera or drone. Your arm needs to be steady, so perhaps get a monopod or tripod to use. GoPro’s are great for people such as climbers who need free hands for their activities.


As a word of wisdom, don’t be weighed down with tons of stuff if you are travelling constantly. A front-facing screen will be perfect if the holiday maker is going to narrate into the camera as they go. 

Film Steadily

So the holidaymaker has arrived on vacation, and the filming has begun!  Think about recording an introduction to the whole thing and the process that will help you shoot it.  No one wants to see a camera that is circling around the landscape at great speed. Move slowly left to right or up to down, for example. A location shot will be great if the cameraperson slowly zooms in. Alternatively zoom in, and then press the record button. People love to see humans as well as nature and scenery. Intersperse the footage with family reactions and comments. Film some of the locals talking or singing. Why not ask a local a couple of questions – they may love the experience too!


Think About Narration 

If doing this live, think in advance what is going to be said during each film segment. If the speaking is constant, it will be hard to edit out unwanted video sections without losing key commentary. This is why some people add the narration back at home during the editing stage. People who choose this method need to write down the key information at each scene, so they can remember it for later. Don’t forget that anyone watching the video will want some time to silently process the views, without a commentator’s voice talking every moment.


Edit It Well

Now the holiday is over, it’s time to bring it all together! This may take hours as a person wades through loads and loads of video footage. The sweet spot for travel videos is only two to three minutes, so there may be a lot of hard choices ahead. Windows computers have their own built in video editing software you can use. There are a lot of relatively cheap products that people can download and use as well. Newbies should select a basic program rather than a professional one featuring tons of complicated options. Youtube is packed full of ‘how to’ videos, so there will be plenty of training and advice to be gained once the software has been chosen.


The editing stage is where people look at the existing narration or create it. Music can be an effective addition too. Make it fit in with the location. Should it feature Mexican folk singers or convey excitement as the photographer hanglides? Whilst the choice should be relevant, don’t make it too predictable. 


Once the process has been completed, the holiday will have been stored forever in video format. Friends and family will be able to watch and rewatch, and social media can broadcast the experience to the world.