The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is also known as Bangalore, is one of the top destinations in India. One should never miss out on this place upon visiting the country to experience the hype of this city. Bangalore speaks of the rich culture of India that will make you more appreciative of the country’s history. Here are some of the ways you can make the most out of your trip to Bangalore:

  1. Shop ‘til you drop in Brigade Road and Commercial Street

These places are popular among tourists who love to purchase trendy items and souvenirs at a reasonable price. It is one of the best places to look for items from garments to footwear and with good bargaining skills, you would be able to purchase high-quality products at a lower price. Just be sure to reserve enough energy to roam around the shopping street.

  1. Take home some  silk sarees at Chikpet

If you’re looking for sarees made of pure silk, Chikpet is your ideal destination. Bangalore itself is home of authentic silk that you can find in India, and it’s in Chikpet or MG Road that you’ll be able to purchase an excellent collection of silk sarees and other modern and traditional clothes you can bring with you when you arrive in your hometown.  

  1. Start your morning right at St. Mark’s Road & Church Street

After getting yourself authentic silks sarees, just a few blocks from MG Road is the St. Mark’s Road that is known to be the place for the best breakfast dishes. Koshy’s, as an example, is acclaimed to have superb sandwiches, puffs, and omelet that you won’t find anywhere in India.

  1. Enjoy sumptuous meals at Indiranagar

The Indiranagar is the best spot for anyone who’d like to know India through its food. The place is home to several restaurants serving both local and international cuisine.  You will always find Toit, a famous microbrewery that serves hundreds of customers every day. You can also make reservations through the Eatigo app. Aside from avoiding the hassle of lining up for vacant seats, they even offer discounts on Bangalore restaurants

  1. Splurge some Indian food at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)

Anyone who has been in Bangalore would always refer MTR or Mavalli Tiffin Rooms for a food tour. This place has branched out to Udupi, Singapore, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur and has been famous for its South-Indian breakfast menu – from spices and instant mixes to ready-to-cook gravies, pickles, chips, and ice creams.

  1. Watch classical dance acts in Nrityagram Dance Village

Aside from its local dishes, you’ll also get to know India through its classical dances which you can personally watch in Nrityagram Village. The village trains students with various classical dances of India such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Mohiniattam, and Manipuri to guarantee that there’s a continuous transfer of culture from generation to generation.

  1. Enjoy live performances on theaters in Ranga Shankara

If you’re a theater actor yourself or fond of watching live performances, a visit in Ranga Shankara will fill you with various performances that also speak of the rich culture of India. 

  1. Visit historical parks and museums

Bangalore is also known for several parks, museums, and monuments. The Cubbon Park, for starters, amazes you with hundreds of roses and other exotic plants growing well in its 100-acre land. This park is responsible for keeping a healthy lung space for the city of Bangalore. You’ll also get to see 100-year-old heritage building and other infrastructure that will bring you closer to India.

The 250-year-old garden of Lal Bagh is also famous for its rich trees that symbolize the strength of the country over the years. In the heart of the park, you’ll find the rock of Kempe Gowda that has been known to exist for almost 3,000 million years.

Bangalore is also home to the HAL Aerospace Museum which depicts the growth of their aviation over time. You’ll be able to see for yourself the first aircraft engines utilized and the initiatives taken by India in the industry of space technology.