Did you know that various estimates show that living in a livable van will cost roughly the same as renting a house in a suburb? Now you know. Different estimates show that it will cost about $1200 a month to live in a van. Some vans will cost about $1800, which is enough to rent a furnished apartment. The above costs include travel, food, and basic life necessities, which are not present in an apartment. The advantages of van life are many that we cannot enumerate all of them. We all are looking for ways to minimize costs. So, the need to reduce costs for van life is essential. However, how do you do it? Here is a guide on what you can do to minimize costs. 

Make Your Meals

The temptation to eat out all the time can escalate the costs significantly. The deal is to ensure that you are cooking most of the meals that you need. You can use renewable energy, such as solar heating, for most of your cooking. If you need a hot shower, the solar heater will be your best budget-conscious approach. If you need a warm meal, you can also use solar heating. To power most of the electrical utilities, you will need to invest in a right solar panel, at least 100W, depending on your energy uptake. You may also use gas cooking at night. This can keep the cost of food and other food-related items low.

Invest In Your Water Filtration System

Water is a significant issue for van lifers. The first concern is how to store water. The other matter is access to clean water for cooking and drinking. If you are always on the move, you will be exposed to water from well water to municipal water. You want to be sure that you are drinking clean water to reduce exposure to pathogens. This article provides you with a guide on various water filtration systems that will filter different water available to you on the road. Generally, you want a filtering system that effectively removes toxins, odors, and any other unwanted problems.

Minimize Travel and Toll Expenses

Van life is great if and only if you are using it to experience different things in life. However, you can cut the fuel cost if you focus your attention on one location at a time. You can exhaust all there is to enjoy in one place before moving. If you have moved into a city, take time to enjoy what the town offers before embarking on a new journey. It is also good to do all your shopping and supplies while on the road. Buying too much of one thing could lead to wastages. Avoid places that will attract toll charges for your van. Doing so can reduce the amount of money that you will have to part with at any given time.

Move-in With Most if Not All Your Clothes

The need to do your laundry regularly can be an inconvenience and a cost. If you have enough clothes, you can visit cleaning spots in supermarkets and other areas for cleaning once a month. This will ensure that you have a one-off cost of laundry. It will also prevent the need to wash clothes often. Doing so will ensure that the only items you have to worry about our underwear do not have to be many. Washing these clothes is not the same as worrying about washing and drying bulkier items such as cold weather clothes, jeanswear, and such things.  

Do Your Research to Minimize Permits and Parking Costs

The cost of parking and paying permits can escalate if you are not careful. Even if the cost is minimal, the cumulative cost of parking and licenses will be significant at the end of the month or year. Ensure that you are only parking in places where there are no parking bills. Make sure you are not at risk of being towed by the authorities when you park in areas where you should not. Towing costs and other fines will easily break your budget and frugal lifestyle. 

Van life is excellent if you know how to keep the costs in check. By doing the above things, you can save every month, which will reduce your lifestyle’s overall cost. When cooking your meals, ensure that you are cooking the meals that will keep you healthy. Some people try to be minimalist with their eating habits to their detriment. Have full dinners to ensure that you are healthy.