The Six Sigma certifications are designed to initiate the managers to process improvement, value maximization, and waste minimization. The credentials are targeted at professionals whose business requires process improvement approaches. They are also aimed at those individuals who are interested in this operation as a tool to help grow their business. If you fall in either of these categories, earning the Six Sigma certificate is definitely for you. Earning any Six Sigma certification will equip you on how to control costs, reduce errors, reorganize processes, and enhance success rates of your team in relation to projects. Implementing the Six methodologies in the workplace will significantly impact on the organization and its bottom line.

If you are planning to write the exam to earn anySix Sigma certification, it is important to note that you have to dedicate enough time for its preparation. You do not have to worry even if you don’t know where to start. In this Six Sigma certification exam guide, we take a look at some tips that will help you in preparing for your test so that you can pass it without any problems. Are you ready to learn how to prepare for and pass the exam at your first attempt? Read and download here !

Study Tips for Six Sigma Certification Exams

Engage the following tips and increase your chance of passing the Six Sigma certification tests with flying colors.

  • Use the Six Sigma study guide

There are numerous study guides that are available to you online. You can really not be short of resources as far as this certification exam is concerned. The study tutorials have been prepared to help you with your exam preparation. Many of those are easy to read and learn as they are designed to help you understand the various concepts of the test and enable you to explore practice questions.

You may want to check out Six Sigma and Minitab, developed by Quentin Brook. This resource material offers a practical guide for those professionals who are at the helm of affairs in their organizations. The book is designed for business improvement specialists all over the world. In this manual, you will be exposed to about 140 Six Sigma techniques and tools, as well as interactive Lean samples. The book was updated recently and it is developed to provide practice advice for those individuals who are using Six Sigma in their businesses. It is also designed to assist the managers in executing process improvement. It comes with interactive examples, easy-to-use DMAIC tabs, and rational route maps through the Six Sigma DMAIC course. There are other amazing study guides that are available online. You can visit the official page of Six Sigma to learn more about the numerous preparation resources that have been recommended for the exam.

  • Take the Six Sigma training course

Although you can engage in self-study for your exam preparation, it is still recommended that you take a training course before you write any certification test. The Six Sigma courses are aimed at providing you with skills and knowledge that will help you pass the exam, as well as equip you with the understanding of how to use the Six Sigma methodologies in real business scenarios. There are numerous benefits that come with taking the course in preparation for the test and depending on your preference, you can choose the classroom-based or online instructor-led training. If you can, you should take the classroom-based option because it will enable you to ask questions and learn from other professionals taking the course. It also enables you to work with other test-takers. There are many platforms that offer both classroom-based and online-based training courses for this exam. You can check these various websites online to see the one that best fits your learning style and pattern. Thus, Exam labs have all the courses you need for any Six Sigma certification test. The site also comes with braindumps that can make your prep process dynamic and interesting.

  • Understand the Six Sigma methodology

Beyond passing your certification exam, you should also be able to function in the real business environment. That is why it is very crucial that you take time to fully immerse yourself in the methodology of Six Sigma. You can achieve this by taking advantage of different websites, blog contents, and other resource tools available through online platforms. There are various websites that have been launched by the professionals and experts who have taken the Six Sigma exams and know what to be expected during them. Other platforms focus mainly on how to implement the methodologies of Six Sigma. Take time to go through all these resources and learn all you can about the concept and content of the certificate. The continuous study is the key to becoming very familiar with the Six Sigma methodology and being able to implement it.

  • Test your knowledge with practice questions

To earn anySix Sigma credential, you will be required to take the multiple-choice exam(s). It is very important that you evaluate your knowledge level prior to writing the actual test. Ensure you use a lot of available practice questions to examine yourself in preparation for the exam. You can check the Six Sigma practice tests to explore the large collection of questions that are detailed there. By taking them, you will be able to evaluate your level of understanding of the certification content, as well as find out your readiness to take the test. You can also use some exam simulators online to examine yourself.


One more thing is not to study in isolation. There are many test-takers preparing for the same certification exam and a big number of those who have already taken and passed it. Therefore, you should look for the Six Sigma forums and choose the ones to join. You will be able to learn from others and get answers to your questions. You can also work with other professionals in preparation for your certification test.