Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

About Pacsafe

Today, you can find Pacsafe in over in over 33 countries worldwide and you will not be able to resist their anti-theft technology in their products. Since Pacsafe establishes in 1998, they have been selling a product range that includes adventure backpacks, leisure bags, urban bags, women’s bags, camera bags as well as luggage and travel accessories. All thanks to this two Aussies friends who decided that no-nonsense travel security was very much needed based on their experiences sailing across the most of the world’s oceans and traveling to over 80 countries.

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Prior Experience

When I began my journey with Seek the World in India, I was anxious about how I would secure my belongings, especially my media equipment including Canon 5D Mark III, MacBook Pro 15″, GoPro HERO 3+ Black Camera and accessories.

I knew that I didn’t have the proper equipment that would prevent thefts from slashing through my bags, pickpocketing or whatnot. Therefore, I spend a lot of time keeping an eye out on my camera bag from potential thefts, especially I was in a third world country. Locals would always eyeball me and my old camera backpack.

Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

I literally would carry my old camera backpack on my chest instead of my back, so it would be in my sight at all times, preventing people from stealing from my behind. It’s not like they would actually steal right under your nose, but it could happen.

After returning to the States with all of my valuables safely, I decided to research on products that had anti-theft features and you wouldn’t have any idea of how thrilled I was when I found Pacsafe.

 Anti-theft features:

  • eXomesh® slashguards
  • Slashproof Carrysafe® strap
  • Smart zipper security™
  • Turn and Lock Security Hooks
  • Interlocking Zip Pullers
  • Roobar anchor lock
  • RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket

After reading reviews about the backpack on their site,  They had me hooked and I couldn’t resist getting one! I just knew it was the right backpack that fits my needs of preventing theft.

Experience and Review

Camsafe® Z25 Anti-Theft Camera and “15 Laptop Backpack

Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

As soon as the backpack landed in my hands, I knew it was the best decision I ever made. I packed up and put it on for a test drive. Not kidding here, the backpack literally melt into me like it chose me. It would be a decent size, but not too large, so it’s fine for carry-ons on flights.

As a solo traveler, the theft of my belongings was a huge concern of mine when I was out in those third-world countries, but this backpack was exactly the product  I was looking for. It had slick anti-theft straps and locks on the zippers and many other parts of the backpack.

Throughout my travels in Europe, the backpack followed through its promises of protecting my equipment from damages and theft. I never once had to worry. I’d be confident that with my situational awareness and attention to detail combined with the technologies Pacsafe provided that my things would be kept safe.

Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

The bag was very well constructed and can hold a large amount of gear. This will be the only bag I carry through out the day, so it will need to fit lots of stuff and it can. Here is a list of what I currently have in my bag and I still have some room to spare.

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera
  • 15″ MacBook Pro
  • GoPro HERO 3+ Black Camera plus accessories
  • Joby GorillaPod Focus (tripod)
  • Memory cards
  • Battery charger
  • Cords and adapters

You got no idea how many times I dropped the backpack with all of the stuff I mentioned above, and it resulted in absolutely no damage on both my camera and laptop due to plenty of paddings that protects the interiors very well.

The top has room for other cords, adapters and memory cards. A large phone, keys and wallet fit in the front. An external pocket with straps holds my tripod. Fully loaded, the big sits upright when placed on the ground. Shoulder straps are comfortable with a sternum strap and a waist strap.

And it’s a PacSafe bag, which means there’s no way an opportunistic thief can get at anything. Perfect! …But there’s one thing I want to emphasize even though I think everybody knows this. Nothing, I mean NOTHING is 100% anyways. That means Pacsafe is not 100% effective if a professional thief is determined to rob you. That is because they will have the equipment to rob you.

Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

Just keep in mind that opportunistic thefts are a lot more common. They’re not professional. They’ll just slash your bag whenever it seems to be easy. Pacsafe is 100% efficient on that.

At this point, I wouldn’t replace this backpack with anything else as it’s durable and reliable.

Truth to be told, this is one beautifully designed backpack. It won the iF Design Award 2015 and I think that says a lot. However, this may be a little bulky for you and you will need to expect to wear it on both shoulders. If you’re an avid photographer with a DSLR camera, lenses and accessories and you travel a lot with a laptop, this is for you!

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Overall Rating

The Camsafe® Z25 is now the most important item I use to securely pack and carry my most prized media equipment including my Canon 5D Mark III, MacBook Pro 15″, GoPro HERO 3+ Black Camera and accessories on a daily basis. I cannot imagine a day without this backpack as it comes with multiple anti-theft technology features.

Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

Design 100%
  • Pro: It’s perfect for both of my DSLR and 15″ MacBook Pro as the design of the backpack gives me easy access to both devices at any times, especially when I’m on the go.
  • Pro: The backpack is also designed to protect your camera and laptop from possible drops and external damages.
  • Pro: There are plenty of paddings where you can easily rearrange to organize how my media equipment is packed with accessories.
Comfort 80%
  • Pro: I could comfortable wear and carry this backpack with my media equipment all day as the backpack melts into my shoulder and back just right.
  • Con: However, I have noticed how carrying this backpack for a prolonged period of time can impact my neck and collar bones specifically. They would become a little sore and stiff, but it’s not that big deal because it doesn’t happen often, nor does it bother me at all.
Efficiency 100%
  • Pro: I wouldn’t go a day without this backpack, unless I know for sure that I could secure it at the hotel/hostel that I’m staying at.
  • Pro: I found it useful for all of my media equipment. Their paddings make it easy for me to organize the backpack into the way I want to pack. It saves me a lot of space. I mean I do have plenty of equipment to pack and carry, but I still have some space for another 3-4 camera lenses for my DSLR, which is a bonus for me!

Looking for Something Else?

Venturesafe 45L GII

Product Review: Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Anti-Theft BackPack

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If you’re looking travel light for a multi-day trip, this pack is designed to meet most major airlines’ carry-on bag standards. You’d want this or other travel backpacks that will hold up heavier weight, I’m only suggesting this because I personally believe it’s best to pack light, but I’m not saying luggages are bad though. – Buy on Amazon

Other than mentioned, I’d recommend you to browse through their selection of over a hundred of products for something that could fit you. I’m confident they have something for you. They got a range of backpacks, luggages, bags, and travel accessories to choose from.

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