How to Plan an Incredible Bucks Night Party in Gold Coast


The Gold Coast is often called the Las Vegas of Australia. This coastal city has a thriving nightlife with a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants. This party atmosphere combined with Gold Coast’s tropical weather makes the city a favorite destination for a bucks party. This tradition has become an important part of Australian culture as nearly every man will experience a bucks party once in his life.

Choosing a Venue

One of the most important steps in planning a bucks night is selecting a venue. Fortunately, Gold Coast has a range of options from which to choose. The city is famous for its night clubs and bars, but it also has a lot of restaurant options. A bucks party looking for an alternative venue may want to consider a private cruise. Gold Coast has a unique array of canals and rivers that flow into the city’s harbor. There are several companies that offer private party boats that cruise along these canals and the harbor.

Food and Drinks

No bucks night is complete without great food and tasty drinks. Chips, pizza and other simple food options are great choices for a bucks party. These foods are easy to prepare, affordable and loved by everyone. It is also important to make sure that there are enough drinks to last throughout the entire night. There is nothing worse than running out of alcohol during a bucks party. While bars and clubs will always have enough to serve, other venues will require a bucks party to bring their own drinks. For example, a majority of private cruises don’t serve alcohol onboard.

Party Games

There is no better way to ensure a great bucks night than with fun party games. Beer pong, flip cup and Jenga are a few examples of exciting drinking games that can bring any bucks party to life. It’s important to make sure that the party’s venue allows guests to bring and play their own games. Most bars, restaurants and clubs may not allow party’s to do this. On the other hand, private boat cruises shouldn’t be an issue. A bucks party can always start with drinking games at someone’s house before the night begins.

Cruise Entertainment

A bucks party cruise will not be fun without enough entertainment. The warm ocean breeze and beautiful coastline can only keep guests entertained for a short while. Music is by far the cheapest and easiest solution to help create a fun environment. Everybody loves dancing during a bucks night. As most cruises allow guests to bring food and drinks, there should be no issues in this category. Hiring a stripper in Gold Coast is not a bad idea even when on a private cruise. These entertainers are a great addition to any bucks night.

Party Theme

Another great way to give life to a bucks party in Gold Coast is by choosing a theme. Guests love dressing up and partying the night away in costume. An overall theme can also influence other aspects of the party. Food and drinks, the venue and even gifts can all relate to the theme with enough imagination and creativity. When deciding on a theme, it is important to choose something in pop-culture with which a majority of guests will be familiar. There’s nothing worse than having a theme that guests don’t care about. It is also important for party planners to give guests plenty of time to prepare their costumes before the party.

A bucks night in Gold Coast is an instant recipe for fun. The city is the perfect place to spend a memorable night with friends. The sheer number of available party venues will keep things interesting and exciting. From bars and restaurants, road trip to clubs and private cruises, this city is an excellent destination for a party. These bucks night ideas in Gold Coast can help make the party successful and memorable.

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