One thing about traveling as a Deaf person is that you will always want to meet Deaf locals from the destinations you plan to visit. I’m sure you agree, huh? It’s that special bond that Deaf people would easily connect on many levels even though they’re complete strangers when they meet.

So, how do I do it? Do I have a full directory of Deaf people’s contact information from all over the world? Do I have a big international network?

Well, yes and no because I do have a big international network myself, but there are several alternatives I use if I don’t have any intimate connections.

Here are three tips that you can’t go wrong with finding connections in international Deaf communities.

1. Google’s Your Best Friend


This one can be a little tricky, but it’s still one of the best methods of finding connections.

The reason why it’s tricky is because not all Deaf communities from all over the world are as resourceful as the United States, but it’s worth trying.

What you can do here is search for “Deaf Organizations in

[destination]” or “Deaf School in [destination]” or any similar keywords that could find you information on possible connections to Deaf community.

If you find any possible connection, be sure to check for email first thing. If they do have email, email them in advance communicating that you’re coming to their country and you hope to set up a time to meet them and you can start networking from there.

If they don’t have any email contact, the best thing you can do is to document their address and show up at the location like old times. If you show up and you find Deaf people, then that’s awesome! From there, you should be able to make further connections

2. Word of Mouth

For me, I haven’t gone wrong with making connections through personal or local connections from other countries.

When you’re traveling, you will be asked by the locals about the next destination you’re planning to go. Once you tell them where you’re going and they know someone, they will easily connect you personally or via Facebook.

Otherwise, you could ask Deaf locals to see if they know anyone from the next destination that you’re going. They’ll do the same as mentioned previously if they know any connections.

3. Facebook At Its Best


At least one of your Facebook friends should have international connections, so go and post a status on your Facebook profile telling where you’re going to and that you hope to meet Deaf people from that destination. I can guarantee you that at least one of your friends will tag someone for you to get connected to.

The World is Actually Smaller than You Think

For me, I use all of the methods mentioned above but I don’t use them in a particular. I just test around and see what could connect me to more people.

You’d be surprised with how small this world can be for the international Deaf community. You won’t know where you would be led to when you get connected to a Deaf local!

My biggest advice for you all when you meet Deaf people is to be open and friendly. Don’t be too shy, they won’t bite!

To be honest, I am very fortunate to have the fans of Seek the World who also would help out with connections, so please do feel free to contact me if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to help you!