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Courtesy its’ hot springs and milder climate, Baden Baden is widely considered as the best-known spa town of the world, and amongst the most popular places for people vacationing in Germany. Travellers have been using its mineral-rich spas since the Roman era, and you can have the same experience first-hand when you visit here. Apart from that, there are some very highly recommended places you must not miss out when you’re in this town. Let’s briefly acquaint you with them below.

The Kurgarten

Alongside Kurhaus, one of the top European casino destinations, the Kurgarten or the Spa Garden, offers the best of social and cultural life in the town. The flower beds of this garden can be seen changing in every season, from spring through autumn. The garden is surrounded by various other attractions like restaurants, café’s, galleries and boutiques, and hence becomes the epicentre of several festivals and events throughout the year.

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Lichtentaler Allee

It’s a 2.3 km long green stretch that starts from Goetheplatz and goes on till Kloster Lichtenthal. An arboretum as well as a park, situated in the heart of Baden Baden, Lichtentaler Allee is counted amongst the prettiest places in the city. The stretch makes for quite a stroll as you pass by 300 different varieties of trees like maples, magnolias, oaks, limes and chestnuts. The highlight is an amazing Art Nouveau garden called Gonneranlage that houses 400+ varieties of roses.

Merkur Bergbahn

This is the Merkur Mountain Railway, considered the steepest and longest funicular railway in Germany which carries many tourists to the 2191-foot-high Merkur Mountain top. The inclines during the ride are sometimes as high as 54%. Once you reach the summit, you can enjoy an even wider view by taking a free lift ride to the stone Merkur Tower’s viewing platform. From there, you can view a panorama which includes Black Forest Mountains, Upper Rhine, Karlsruhe city and even Stratsbourg in France! To top it all, you can enjoy a meal with your family at a restaurant situated on the summit itself. Other than that there is lot of grass for sunbathing, a children’s playground as well as signposted footpaths to lead you to a wildlife reserve and various other viewing locations.

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Geroldsau Waterfall

Located in Geroldsau neighbourhood of Baden Baden, this is a 6 m high waterfall on Grobbach. It plunges into a rocky pool in a very picturesque manner and is surrounded by rhododendrons. If you’re visiting Baden Baden between late April and early June, you are most likely to see these rhododendrons blooming in all their majesty.

To put things into perspective, Johannes Brahms, the famous composer and Gustave Courbet, the well-known painter, both of whom were natives of Baden Baden used to find inspiration in this scenic and quiet spot. The best way to reach here is on foot via a path alongside Grobbach. The Geroldsau waterfall marks the starting point for various woodland rambles, with properly-marked trails.