Top 7 Activities in the Adventure Capital of the World – Queenstown

Queenstown is one legendary town! Why? It’s so well known as the adventure capital of the world! You can’t say you’ve finished visiting Queenstown without taking in at least one of the extreme activities! Really, they have everything that the adventure seeker could ever want!

It’s impossible for anyone to visit and leave saying they were bored. There are so many activities in Queenstown to check off. Imagine I haven’t gone skydiving, paragliding, white-rafting, and many more in this area! It’s really the adventure capital of the world!

You can’t miss out on this town! To help you get the most out of your trip in Queenstown, I’ve put together a guide of top seven activities that I have experienced in Queenstown! And you can also learn more information: 

1. Jumping World’s First Commercial Bungy Jump

Seriously, we all only live once, so live it up for the world’s first commercial bungy jump. Why would you want to miss out on the birthplace of the modern bungy craze and one of the most-wanted jumps on the whole planet?

Nonetheless, it is one of most famous attraction in Queenstown and its adventurous spirit created Queenstown’s character. This is a must-do in New Zealand.

Here you can choose between classic single-man bungy, water-touching bungy and even tandem bungy for those who want to share in the exhilaration.


AJ Hackett Bungy Kawarau

2. Swinging World’s Highest Cliff Bungy Jump & Swing