Florida is a sun and beach filled destination that attracts millions of visitors annually. The state is known for its world-class architecture, exquisite cuisine, and lively neighborhoods. What is most outstanding is Florida’s 663 miles of beaches. The allure of Florida, however, is in so much more than its name and beaches. This article highlights and discusses nine reasons why you have to be in Florida this summer. Read on to enjoy.

1. The Best of Outdoor Activities

Picture the palm beaches of Florida, and what comes to mind is people paddle-boarding, surfing, kayaking, fishing, and even boating. If you are not a water fun, you can find comfort in the bike trails, hidden gardens, theme parks, and water parks. There are no limitations when it comes to outdoor activities in Florida

2. Budding Restaurants

The eating scene in Florida is ever-growing, thanks to the coastline, the farmlands, and rivers that provide fresh ingredients for the tourists and locals alike. It is not surprising that some restaurants even source everything in their buildings locally, from the food to the furniture. There are over 5000 places to eat from in Florida, and even more are still to come. This means that you can easily find whatever suits your palette, any time and any day in any environment. The outdoor dining scene is exciting. You can enjoy your dinner under the stars or choose a restaurant that suits your fancy. In Florida, there are no limitations.

3. Home of Destin, the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

Florida is the home of Destin, the fun-filled home to some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches and clear, emerald waters. While this beautiful town is just but a small portion in Florida Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico, it gives some of the best sunsets and views of the gulf that you will ever experience as a tourist. It also offers some of the best yet challenging golf courses, fishing opportunities, and exquisite seafood restaurants for you to enjoy. However, many people still wonder how they can get to Destin. You’d be surprised how often this common question is asked to tour guides. The good news is that this beautiful place is easy to access from many locations. You can access it from several airports, including Fort Walton Beach Airport, Destin Executive Airport, and Pensacola International Airport. You can also access Destin from Panama City Beach. The best way, however, is to use Fort Walton Beach Airport because it is near Destin and gets you into the holiday mood with countless amenities.

4. The Weather

If you are searching for prime summer weather to enjoy, Florida is undoubtedly where you need to be headed. The warm waters and sunny weather are some of the reasons tourists throng this state year in and out. You can get your vitamin D dose and enjoy swimming and then lying on the beach with your sunglasses on. Florida is a great way to reward yourself after working so hard for months on end.

5. Ideal Shopping Destination

Summertime shopping in Florida is promising because you will find almost everything you are looking for. You can find antique, chic, and modern items in the ultra-luxury storefronts and malls of Florida, ensuring your wallet is ready for the job because there is so much to enjoy and buy while in Florida.

6. For the Love of Alligators

If you love watching crocodilians, then there is no better place to watch them than in Florida. Florida is the home of St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, where you can get to visit and see up to 20 species of crocodilians without putting your life in danger. This is one of the best alligator farms in the country, but you will also get to see birds, other reptiles, and mammals. Other attractive places include the Lightner Museum and the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

7. Entertainment

One of the biggest perks of vacationing in Florida in the summer is the free entertainment that comes with it. There are live concerts in different areas around Florida, and the nightlife is exciting. As a visitor, exploring different entertainment spots in Pineapple Grove Arts District and Boca Raton can be exhilarating.

8. Affordable Housing

During the summer, some of the best resorts in Florida offer some of the best accommodation for reduced prices. Additionally, these places are home to some of the best incredible spa deals during the summer.

9. Activities in the parks

As you walk through the parks in Florida, you will notice signages advertising-free yoga, night markets, summer movie series, art walks, and more. These numerous outdoor opportunities provide a chance for people to interact in a free open environment.


Going for a vacation in Florida in the summer months involves more than just the beaches. There is a lot more to enjoy, including entertainment, weather, affordable accommodation, outdoor activities, animal life, and more.