Are you planning to travel with your pet? Don’t know the airlines that allow you to fly with your pets. Then no need to worry here is the list of top airlines that not only allow you to travel with your pets but also make your journey stressfree by taking care of them properly.

There are a number of airlines all over the world who are committed to making your journey hassle-free and enjoyable. So don’t be stressed and choose the right one.

As per the recent news about dogs dying on flights, make us scared of traveling with the pet in flight. But don’t worry there are some airlines who provide extra accommodation when it comes to flying with animals.

As per the survey, we found that 82% of travelers having positive experiences when traveling with their pet. In fact, 38% of pet parents said that they’ve had an awesome experience while flying.

I am sharing my personal experience here, as I was also very confused while booking my ticket for Mexico as I have to carry my pet with me. I got many calls from agencies for booking tickets but all charged huge money for that.

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It also provides the facility to choose your seat early and avoid the aisles with limited recline.

Ofcourse, there are a lot of things animal owners should consider before flying with pets. The pet parents need to make some important decisions about the carrier, where they’re going to stay and whether or not it’s necessary for their pet to fly.

I think you all are excited to travel the world with your pet by your side. So now the question arises which airline is best for your fur baby? Just go through the below mentioned list of pet-friendly airlines.

1. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian allows pets but they are one of the most restrictive airlines in terms of pet travel. Animals can fly in the cabin on inter-island flights also they give the option to bring them along in the passenger cabin — as long as they can fit under the seat in front of you.

Hawaii state has some strict laws regarding the pets, including a mandatory quarantine if pet owners do not take the proper steps beforehand. This may cause turn-off for traveling pet parents.

I like this airline because they have done proper arrangements for pets including trained service animals and psychiatric support animals on the aircraft. In regards to safety, they are very strict and follow their strict policy against transporting pets in cargo. Their charges start from $35 and it may vary depending on the pet and the destination location.

2. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines are famous for its best customer service and they understand how much a pet parent is attached to their pets.

They always take care of everything for example whenever you complete your check-in process and your dog send to a kennel, then there one flight attendant is present to take care of your dog personally and they follow the card system, whenever any pet safely boards the plane they hand over a card to the pet parent, ensuring that the pet is exactly reached where he/she needs to be and not on the wrong flight.


Alaska also allows “unusual” pets like ferrets, non-poisonous reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, household birds, and tropical fish, according to AJC.

3. Frontier Airlines

The best thing about this airline is that it charges the cheapest fare for traveling with pets. They charge $75 per pet, per segment and it is the most reasonable rate across all the airlines.

It also provides a spacious carrier and entertains the largest variety of pets in the cabin which includes rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and small household birds.

According to Frontier Airlines policy, they need a  health certificate so you have to just submit the health certificate of the pet then you and your pet could be headed on the travel adventure.

4. Allegiant

Allegiant is perfect for the tiny, yet inseparable pair of pets. It is the best airlines for small pets. We all know that travelling with multiple pets will be expensive but thankfully Allegiant Air is there who offers its own BOGO deal and allow two animals per pet carrier.

So, its a good news for the young travelers, four-legged and otherwise because Allegiant allows minors (age 15 and up) to travel alone and can bring a pet onboard. All other airlines do not allow this, for them the passenger should be over the age of 18 to travel with a pet.


Allegiant also does not bother of the minimum and maximum age of the animal, means you are allowed to bring your tiny pets with you while flying. It’s excited for you to getting your puppy or kitten acclimated to air travel early.

5. American Airlines

American Airlines is the most pet-friendly airlines as it offers one of the biggest carrier dimensions that help your pet to enjoy more space during the flight.

Also, it provides a cabin facility while traveling in the United States.

They designed a special class called “cuddle class” for the pets, here they provide a special compartment next to their owner’s seat. It just a way to give them a comfortable place to enjoy their flight and beats being stuffed under a seat.

For in-depth knowledge, it is recommended to go through the American Airlines pet policy


The Final Say

All these above mentioned Airlines welcome furry friends! Also must read the airline pet policy card available in the back pocket of the seat to avoid any types of problems.

These cards answer all your queries and also informs you to which kind of animal species you are allowed to carry with you. (Additional types of animals are allowed in the cargo area, depending upon the carrier.)

Pet fees apply to carry-on pets only, as animals flying in cargo need to be booked on a separate ticket with a price dependent on the individual flight.