Marrakech, Orient, Morocco, Africa, Historic Center

People fond of travelling often have long bucket lists and several experiences that they’d wish to tick off their lists. However, they find themselves short of time to do it all. This is especially the case with people into conventional jobs wherein it’s important for them to be present at the place of work, to get paid their wages.

If you looked at closely, this motive behind travelling, just to tick things off the list, even if in an unenjoyable manner, often feeling exhausted because of all the things you had to see and do in a single day, is what is wrong with the present-day travel.

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And this is where the concept of slow travel comes into the picture. It’s a completely different way to travel that allows you to experience the destination in a more comprehensive manner, scratching beneath the surface. When you spend more amount of time at one single location, you experience it more like any local does, rather than just a passing through tourist. Sounds exciting?! Here are the top two cities and countries you can begin your slow travel journey with.

Marrakech in Morocco

Widely considered as an extremely vibrant and colourful city, Marrakech in Morocco is a place that is normally visited by tourists only for a short while, as it poses a kind of endurance test often associated with the hustle and bustle of cities such as this one. When here, some might feel like in the Disneyland, owing to the overwhelming way in which it attacks and delights your senses. Although it’s quite different from the Western world, you can access it via a cheap flight to the mainland Europe. There are some luxurious accommodations available at amazingly low prices.

Although you might not want to stay in Marrakech for several months at a stretch, basing yourself here for at least a few weeks while exploring the beautiful Moroccan destinations like Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and others, would be a worthwhile experience.

Kuala Lumpur, Twins, Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Something that is excellent about Malaysia is that if you are planning to slow travel here and spend anywhere from a few months to a few years, you can always find a good place to work. Majority of the people speak English language and Kuala Lumpur in itself is a new-age cosmopolitan city, with a bit of ancient culture still ingrained in it. On the whole, life is pretty easy in the city, for example, you can obtain a gym membership in any locality and use fitness facilities rivalling the ones available in New York or London.

When it comes to staying in the city for some time, you can always use the AirBnB option, although getting into a tenancy arrangement is a relatively easy process in Malaysia.

The city offers a comprehensive variety of shopping venues, food options and is a rather chilled out destination unlike crowded ones such as Bangkok. While a large majority of Kuala Lumpur comes across as affluent in its own unique way, you can sense something aspirational about the city which makes it an excellent city to co-work or simply catch up with your emails while sipping your favourite beverage in a coffee shop!