The unimaginable vast wildlife reserves of Botswana are among the most isolated and untouched in the whole of Africa. Thanks to a rigid conservation policy which encourages tourism that has a minimal impact on the environment, one region that can promise to deliver authentic animal experiences beyond expectations of nature

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CompTIA Security+: Your Guide on This Vendor-Neutral and Industry-Relevant Certification

Following the spike in cybercrime incidents worldwide, the need for more cybersecurity professionals that are competent and well versed in their craft has been rising. In a bid to assess the qualification of these specialists, the Computing Technology Industry Association offers the CompTIA Security+ certification. This badge helps IT professionals

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How to get into kitesurfing

Image by Steven Bo from Pixabay Kitesurfing is one of those sports that looks spectacular from the outside but wholly inaccessible to the normal person like you and me. However this couldn’t be much further from the truth. Kitesurfing is a surprisingly accessible sport. So much so that it is

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