Nowadays, more and more people are starting to understand the advantages of technology and how it can positively affect their travel experiences. Whether it’s solar camping devices to help power your tech or sophisticated GPS and communication tools to stay safe out in the wilderness, there are plenty of reasons to invest in technology if you like to travel.

However, if you only want to bring a single device with you on your travels, then a smartphone is the ultimate travel companion that you shouldn’t miss.

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Easy photo and video sharing

Smartphones have become sophisticated cameras thanks to the multiple lenses and editing options available in something like an iPhone. This allows you to take holiday pictures and edit them with your phone, or even transfer them over to a computer for more powerful editing or backups. This article at can help you learn how to transfer files between Android devices and Mac computers in the event that you’re using an Android smartphone such as the Google Pixel which offers a fantastic camera.

Travel recommendations at your fingertips

There’s nothing worse than being in a completely new country yet having no idea where to go or visit. Travel recommendations are fantastic when they come from locals, but if you’re having trouble with the language or want to ask online, then a smartphone can help you get plenty of travel recommendations.

Communication tools

Whether it’s on-the-fly translations, keeping in touch with friends and family or even contacting the hotel you plan to stay at, your smartphone is the ultimate communication tool when you’re abroad on holiday. It can be a lifesaver especially if you’re having trouble with the language in the country and being able to give live updates to your social media pages is a great way to share what you’re doing. However, there are also many reasons to try and avoid social media especially if you’re going through a digital detox. Even then, it’s still a good idea to have a smartphone with you for the convenience and safety it offers when travelling.

Detailed navigation options

Most popular tourist destinations will have some kind of mapping available on the internet. The most common service is to simply use Google Maps which can provide you with an overview of the local area, locations to visit and also routes to get to different places. However, if you’re travelling somewhere relatively remote, then you’ll need to rely on local maps or specific apps to help find your way around.

Banking and money transfers

App-based banking has become increasingly popular thanks to all of the additional tools and convenience it offers to help you manage your money, especially when you’re abroad. As shown in this article at, it can be an incredibly convenient way to help you manage your expenses and budget for your holiday on-the-fly without having to worry about running out of money or encountering any currency conversion issues.