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Adventure vacations are a specialist style of vacation that often involve an element of risk (either actual or perceived risk) and are better suited to people with a degree of fitness or who hold specialist skills. This style of vacation is also known to contain a strong link with nature. This is a type of vacation that has grown significantly in popularity in recent times, and it is now a recognizable vacation market.

While there are obviously some similarities between an adventure vacation and a regular vacation, getting away from your normal routine, traveling, and seeing different cultures, there are also many differences between these trips.

Some of the elements of an adventure vacation that appeal to travelers include getting off the beaten track and giving something back to local communities. This style of vacation provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and provides a focus for fitness, allowing you to be active and energetic.

The sort of people who would be most interested in an adventure vacation is the people who can make the most of them. There is a need for travelers to have a certain level of fitness to enjoy or make the most of the adventure vacations. This is also a style of vacation that is more commonly associated with teenagers and people in their early 20s.


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Adventure vacations are not just for thrill-seekers

People that enjoy action or who could be classed as “thrill-seekers” are instinctively drawn to adventure vacations, but there is also a strong social element to these trips. For many travelers, this style of break sees people indulge in exercise and adventure during the day while partying at night into the small hours. These vacations are therefore seen as highly sociable vacations, perfect for people looking to meet new friends.

There is no shortage of adventure vacation options from which to choose. Sydney in Australia is a highly regarded adventure vacation destination, primarily for its surfing and surf-related activities. Bondi Beach is one of the most iconic destinations for surfers, but the range of adventure activities in Sydney includes hiking and abseiling in the Blue Mountains.

Iceland is also a destination that is developing a fantastic reputation for adventure, excitement, and being the coolest place for thrill-seekers to socialize. This is a destination that provides diving and trekking options, while the Skógá River and the Skógafoss waterfall provide plenty of exciting opportunities.

Another adventure vacation in a cold setting welcomes people who undertake ice climbing in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy tackling peaks, sleeping in huts, and mountaineering in a stunning setting.

Other great adventure vacation options to consider include trekking in Nepal, which can take in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; white water rafting on the Magpie River in Canada, and skydiving at Victoria Falls in Zambia.

It is important to be aware that adventure vacations can require a great deal of equipment. For many of the activities, the necessary equipment can be hired, which reduces the cost of taking part and the hassle of traveling with equipment. Examples of specialist equipment that can be hired at resorts include surfboards and surfing equipment and skiing equipment at the leading ski resorts.

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Specialist equipment is required for adventure vacationers

There is also a need for participants to have specialist clothing and personal equipment. Surfers and swimmers should have specialist costumes, while trekkers and hill-walkers should make sure that they have sturdy footwear and waterproof clothing.

Another thing to consider when planning an adventure vacation is specialist clothing that can provide strength or minimize aches and pains. Compression clothing is a popular choice for many people who undertake regular exercise, providing support and peace of mind for those whose body may not always live up to the tests it is put through. Anyone who has asked the question “What is compression?” will find a range of resources that provide details about this clothing and why it makes a difference to people’s health and fitness. A person’s own health and fitness will impact on exactly what they need to make the most of an adventure vacation, so it is vital that people shop with their own needs in mind. You can buy all gears you need: Montem Outdoor Gear

Another item you should consider bringing is a backpack (duh!!), for more adventures it kinda stinks to carry around luggage and we really like this blog post about travel backpack post from Live Once Live Wild, it has a pretty good selection and gets into the nitty-gritty.

Adventure vacations are a fantastic way to see the world, to make new friends, and to push your body to its limits. Anyone looking to book a vacation with a difference that will create memories that they never forget should consider an adventure vacation as the perfect break

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