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Seek the World is a trusted and to-go resource for Deaf individuals seeking to travel on their own because Calvin Young presents his contents bilingually in American Sign Language (ASL) and written English making it 100% accessible to the Deaf since they heavily rely on visual communication. receives 1,500,000+ video views monthly, and reaches approximately 4,300,000 people monthly.

We aim to connect people around the world by creating contents to provide travel resources and spread awareness about Deaf community.


The Numbers

Seek the World has a loyal base of 80,000+ organic likes on the Facebook page with an average of 550,000 post engagement monthly on our posts, 1,500,000+ video views monthly, and reaching approximately 3,500,000 people monthly.

Facebook Insights

You would be able to reach over 2 million people monthly through Seek the World’s best marketing asset: Facebook.

  • Followers: 64,000+
  • Engagements (monthly): 550,000+
  • Post clicks (monthly): 650,000+
  • Post reaches (monthly): 3,500,000

Social Media & Site Statistics

  • Sessions (monthly): 22,487
  • Pageviews (monthly): 30,000+
  • Average Visit Duration (monthly): 1:44
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 1,300+

Audience Profile & Demographics

Seek the World’s typical audience consists of highly educated women (54%) and men (46%) between the ages of 18-24 (30%) and 25-35 (38%) who browse from home.

Geographic breakdown: United States (39%), Philippines (6%), Canada (4%) India (3%), United Kingdom (3%)


If you got a stellar travel product or service that would benefit the way Calvin travels, he offers opportunities for your brand or destination to promote through Seek the World.

  • Site Advertisements
  • Photography & Video
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored Contents
  • Press Trips
  • Brand Ambassadorships

You will connect with an ever-growing, enthusiastic audience of the Deaf community.

Who We’ve Worked With

We have worked with some of destinations and brands to help them achieve their goals. They leverage our best marketing assets and expertise to promote their message to a large, engaged audience.

Prana, Eurail, Marmot, ExOfficio, Pacsafe, The North Face, GoWorx, Lifeproof, Patagonia | Seek the World

What Others Say

Calvin was the perfect person that very friendly and he has strong skill that introduce some activity via video. He was in my Mir Guesthouse for 4 days, at that time he made a fantastic article for my building. It was awesome for me and very helpful for advertising for mutual guest for me.
Peter Koh, Mir Guesthouse
It was a pleasure having Calvin as our merman student. He was enthusiastic, patient, alert and attentive throughout. Having him join our mermaid class has reaffirmed our belief that mermaiding knows no boundaries.
Calvin is an inspiration to the deaf community. Despite of his condition, it didn’t hinder him to do whatever he wants! Through his travels, he wants to encourage people like him that there’s nothing to be afraid of. He’s optimistic and lives life to the fullest. And as per our Tour Guide Supervisor, Mark Vincent Navarrete, who assisted the Group Island Hopping, though Calvin can’t speak and hear, he was someone you’ll definitely love to have a conversation with. He was very friendly to everyone during the activity. He is a brave adventure-seeker and a happy-go-lucky person. My Boracay Guide is grateful that we are a part of his wonderful journey. We wish him luck in his upcoming adventures. Cheers!
Working with Calvin is in fact an indelible experience. He is very eager to learn new things, and he also loves to interact with people, especially with the local community. As far as the modern definition of traveler is concerned, Calvin is the perfect example – he shows that there are no boundaries when exploring, and that adventure is for everyone. His taste for fun and excitement is contagious and makes everyone feel his enthusiasm for recreation. We might have worked with Calvin for just a few days but his passion never failed to impress us, and makes us look forward into working with him again.
Seek the World is such a CHAMP website! I teach a course called International Studies at California School for the Deaf, Fremont. Before heading out on a school trip to India, my class and I often took a look at Seek the World website for reference. This is such an amazing website for my Deaf students because they get to see where a Deaf traveler travels, has access to great advice, helpful tips, and very informative ASL videos! Thank you, Calvin, for being such a great role model to my students. You definitely gave them something to look forward to.
Samantha B.
I can’t explain in words how grateful I am and for the Deaf people in the world to have a guy like this Calvin Young man to expose the world, to educate us not only about the Deaf people in the world but also places, food, sign languages, hidden gems, things to do, secret and tips about traveling and budgeting and many more! It is like he is standing in front of an audience which is us as a community via social media and he is holding the “onion world” in his left hand, using his right hand to peel every layer that most of us couldn’t have known what is behind every layer in this world. Calvin has shown what is on the front and behind every layer the best way he could have done possible and I look forward to more peeling stories and secrets he has to share! ❤
Meg B.
Calvin has the nature vibrational that goes to anyone that opens their frequency for his vibrational to come in which is showing some inspirational of how he carries himself around here on the earth lively and he is secretly teaching us something that we all should know and that he is opening our eyes to see big picture; and the whole Calvin just is amazing! and so on! ?
Geoffrey M.
Calvin is a friendly, thoughtful, and intelligent guy, who boldly travels the world, enthusiastically breathing in life and loving every minute. As a hearing person, I loved spending time traveling with him, learning about him, his work, and deaf culture, seeing the world from his perspective, and working together to get oriented in an unknown place. His positive attitude is contagious and he is just a joy of a person to be around. While I otherwise don’t get much of a chance to interact with deaf people, I love seeing his updates and reading about his adventures, and I love that he is traveling around the world, amazing people with his bravery, but really just being himself and chill and making friends.
Maya B.


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