No, I spent my entire life living in the city where everybody always says “Keep Austin Weird” Nobody knows where that is, right?

I’m actually messing with you. Actually, my two-month trip to Southeast Asia and Europe was my first time BACKPACKING, but I’ve gone out of the United States in the past though. Most of them were for school trips, family vacations, spring breaks, or tours that involved my filming work. Speaking of school trips, I actually started an international study program at my high school that brought my class to London and Paris. That little experience was one of the very things that sparked my passion to travel.

Upon my high school graduation, I promised myself that I’d travel the world one day and now here I am traveling the world.

Well, maybe the question should be—was it fun? Yes! It was full of challenges. It was full of adventures. 

Truth to be told, It was terrifying and overwhelming – yet it was captivating at the same time. I began to learn how to overcome language barrier, how to interact with locals, how to explore countless stunning areas, how to live my life to the fullest daily, and many more. That was when I fell completely in love with traveling.

The first trip grew me into a better, stronger, and smarter person. With countless challenges I managed to defeat. It also provided me a life-changing experiences along the way. That was the moment I thrive for more happinesses and personality growth.

It has been six years! 73 countries and met 4,000 Deaf locals all over the world. Proud here!

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