If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam for two days, then this page is for you. We traveled to Amsterdam in the month of May 2013 for two days. We wished we were there longer! However, I would like to list some amazing experiences!

1. Rent a bike

In a city as famous for its bicycle culture as its more sinful pleasures, this might seem a bit obvious. But seriously: one of the best ways to have some fun in Amsterdam is to get on a bike and see the city on a set of wheels. You can go further and see more than if you’re on the tram or a bus. Just be careful: the bike lanes can get a bit crowded!

You can go further and see more than if you’re on the tram or a bus. Just be careful: the bike lanes can get a bit crowded! I accidentally got myself crashed! Lucky me, I didn’t get any injury. But it could happen to you.

2. Lounge about in Vondelpark

Seriously, it is a beautiful, big green space! Vondelpark is one of the best places to be on a sunny day in Amsterdam. That is if you haven’t found a suitable canal tour or made friends with a local who owns a boat.

In the summertime, Vondelpark also hosts open air theater. Check their official website for the summer schedule!

3. Visit the Red Light District

This area is a hot mess! I wasn’t sure what to expect of it before seeing it for myself…and it ended up being one of the more surprising things I saw in Amsterdam  It was still a bit weird to see all people coming in for having pleasure experience all right there. And you can also pay two dollars to see two minutes worth of couple having sex on the mattress. Cool uh?

There are numerous companies that offer tours and pub crawls through the Red Light District which visits places like the legendary Sex Museum. Look for the flyers in your hotel, hostel or guest house.

4. Visit the Museums

When you walk along the streets around Amsterdam Central, you will find that there are many different types of museums around.

Some of the famous ones are Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Heineken Experience and so on. However, we decided to check out the Sex Museum! 

Well, what can I say? It was a one of a kind experience indeed! Sex Museum is also the oldest one in Europe, featuring many unique objects and images in the museum.

5. Visit a Working Windmill


You cannot afford to miss the famous Windmill locating in Zaanse Schans. It requires you to take a train or a bus to get there. It is not that far, which is good news for all of us! It is an incredible experience. You will be able to see many windmills including people showing you the experience and offering you insanely good cheese samples! The best part about it is to be able to feel the power of the wind as the machines shake the entire mill beneath your feet.

By the way, there are mill operates on different days and hours, so be sure to check the schedule if there is a specific mill you’d like to visit. Each mill costs €3 to visit or one mill can be visited with the Zaanse Schans Card.


In this way not only are you able to save on expensive hotel costs, you are also able to explore Amsterdam like a local as hosts usually will recommend places to go to. Clink Hostel is the highly recommended hostel to stay.

Why? It offers a very reasonable price! It has a great location, actually close to Amsterdam’s central train. Inside the hostel, it feels like a real home including a bar, kitchen, living room, etc. Especially it sends you the Amsterdam feeling due to having international backpackers interaction.

During summer, you know how hot weather it can be. I consider myself a huge fan of the air conditioner and they include that! It was an orgasm feeling. You get to own your shower as well. Not exactly, a whole shower to yourself, but available to four roomies in the room. In my opinion, it’s a perfect place for digital nomads due to a great wifi and huge space enough for you to stay focus on working all day.

I had a very pleasant experience there. Great hostel! I will definitely come back again.


Location: Badhuiskade 3, 1031 KV Amsterdam, Netherlands

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